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Adding Security and Safety with Outdoor Lighting Systems

Adding Security and Safety with Outdoor Lighting Systems

Let’s start with a cliché – security starts with you. I know it’s an old saying, but it still rings true. In short, you should be proactive when protecting your home.  This might imply installing outdoor lights to add a layer of safety to your property. Wherefore, if you’re in the market for professional outdoor lighting services in Brentwood TN, let the certified and affable experts at Lumenate weave their magic.

That said, how do outdoor lighting systems promote safety and security? Keep reading to find out.

Reducing the Risks of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

According to Injury Facts, falls were responsible for 42,114 deaths in homes and workplaces in 2020. This made falls the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths.

Imagine enjoying a cold one in a dimly lit backyard. But as you admire the night sky, you stumble and fall on an uneven pebble-strewn path. Well, you could easily have avoided the face plant or a near-certain tumble by installing a few outdoor lights.

Outdoor lights can prevent you from diving unexpectedly. For instance, you may add illumination to your driveway, porch, garden, steps, or other areas so your family and guests can know or be aware of their surroundings. Besides, failure to provide adequate lighting could result in liability exposure, especially in commercial settings.

A professional outdoor lighting service provider can help create a safe environment for your property using functional and decorative lighting. For instance, they can install electric and solar-powered lights or incorporate timer-controlled lighting systems into your landscaping.

Averting Burglaries or Break-ins

An effective outdoor lighting system can prevent burglaries and other security threats. Case in point, you can ward off potential intruders and burglars by strategically placing lights around your home or commercial property.

In 2019, roughly 29,800 burglaries were reported in Tennessee, representing the 11th highest rate among U.S. states. Thus, it pays to consider a comprehensive outdoor lighting plan for added security. By being proactive, you could save yourself thousands in repair and replacement costs.

For instance, you may use floodlights in areas vulnerable to break-ins, such as near windows and doors. Or you could  install motion-detecting lights to deter trespassing or vandalism. And since such lights catch burglars off-guard, they can startle and cause them to rethink their motives.

Moreover, automated lights that switch on and off at particular times might deter intruders. And if you’re leaning towards energy conservation while safeguarding your property, solar lights or LED lights may suffice.

Potential intruders love the shadows, meaning bright lights can reduce the chances of a break-in as they won’t have the opportunity to hide. Plus, the glare of the lights might make them feel exposed, rendering their efforts futile.

Securing Your Investment

What’s the link between outdoor lights and the value of your home? Well, such lighting can pique interest in your home’s unique features, which wouldn’t be the case if your property was shrouded in darkness, right?

Think about it, an illuminated home exudes beauty. Plus, it demonstrates your commitment to safety and security. As such, motion-sensing lights can increase your property’s appraisal value as they enhance its security (perceived or otherwise).

What’s more, if your insurer knows you’ve installed an outdoor lighting system, you could save money on premiums. This implies a comprehensive and secure lighting system can pay for itself in due course. Plus, it complements other security features, such as cameras and alarms, turning your property into a fortress.

Enhancing Functional Space

Would an outdoor party at night be complete without well-placed lights? What if someone trips in the dark while dancing? Or worse, they stumble and twist an ankle.

Outdoor lighting can enhance outdoor entertainment and other activities by helping you maximize your space. For instance, your guests won’t have to huddle around a single light or struggle to find their way out of your property – after the fact.

Plus, outdoor lighting can set the mood for your event. Case in point, soft white or warm yellow lighting is ideal for a romantic dinner while twinkling Christmas-style lights work best for festive parties – you get the picture.

Security lights may also serve as accent lighting, highlighting garden features such as paths, trees, mini waterfalls, flower beds, and other architectural structures. Thus, they make social gatherings more enjoyable while minimizing tripping hazards – a win-win for everyone.

Outdoor lights might seem like a nonessential element in landscaping, but they offer more than illumination. Whether you plan to safeguard your valuables or ensure your loved ones’ safety, it’s clear that outdoor lighting should be an integral part of your overall security plan. If you’re thinking of getting to it, let a professional service provider design, help you choose the right products, install, and maintain your outdoor lighting system.

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