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Ace Your College Papers: 10 Must-Have Writing Apps for Students

Ace Your College Papers

We all know how the traditional writing process looks. You plan your paper, research, create your first draft, edit it, rewrite, edit it again, organize references… It can take ages to make your writing A-worthy.

Luckily, we live in an age when technology can do most of the hard work for students. From tools polishing your grammar to homework help services that do homework for me, there’s an app for every step of the process. Read on to discover ten superb apps for writing papers.

1.  DoMyHomeworkAbc

All the mentioned apps are amazing if you have enough time to write, but what if you don’t? Sometimes students need an overnight writing solution. DoMyHomeworkAbc is the answer.

It allows you to delegate your homework entirely to a professional writer and forget about the stress of writing papers altogether. It’s a reliable way to get an original and skillfully written paper in any subject area.

2.  Grammarly

Grammarly is the all-time best assistant for students when it comes to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It will make your paper mistake-free. The best part is that aside from basic corrections, you also get suggestions on clarity, delivery, and tone of writing.

The premium plan offers even more options to improve your papers. From full-sentence rewrites and word choice improvements to formatting and citations help—the tool will take your writing to the next level.

Grammarly works across all devices. It even integrates with other apps, making your experience seamless.

3.  SciSpace

The next one on our list is a research assistant called SciSpace. It’s a web app that allows students to optimize their research.

SciSpace uses AI to help you speed up your search and boost your understanding of the information you find. If you read a journal article but find some parts of it confusing or need to define a few terms, just highlight those in SciSpace, and the app will give you a simple explanation. It’s a totally new way to engage with academic sources.

4.  Hemingway Editor

You’ve probably heard a million times that your writing needs to be simple, clear, and concise. But how to actually make it happen? This is what Hemingway is for.

The editor is an amazing tool to make your writing more effective and enhance its readability. Use a desktop app or its free web alternative to improve your writing. It will highlight wordy sentences, passive voice, complicated phrases, and unnecessary adverbs to help you cut the clutter and make your ideas shine. The biggest perk of the app is that it allows you to become aware of common mistakes and become a better writer.

5.  iA Writer

There are a lot of powerful word processors out there, but they’re mostly cluttered with all the extra buttons you probably don’t even use. iA Writer takes a different approach and makes your workspace free from any distractions.

Here you type to format to stay in the writing flow. You can even focus on one sentence at a time if you turn on the Focus Mode, which is a great function for line editing. The app also has real-time syntax highlights and style checks that help you eliminate fillers and repetitions.

6.  Scrivener

If you ask any professional writer to pick a top app, they will most likely name Scrivener. No matter what your major is, this app is perfect for keeping your notes in order, researching, and writing top-notch papers.

It is a feature-packed solution that works perfectly for projects of any size. Yet, if you work on a long research paper or even a dissertation, it becomes a must-have. With Scrivener, you can organize your writing into sections and gain more clarity and structure as you write.

7.  Ulysses

iOS users have to try Ulysses. Its design is all about helping you get into the writing flow and stick with it. The app is markup-based, just like iA Writer, so you won’t even need to lift your hands from the keyboard to get all your tasks done.

In Ulysses, you can set writing goals. Seeing how you progress towards them helps you to stay motivated. The app also includes a built-in editor to help you avoid mistakes and keep your tone consistent.

8.  Ginger

Another useful tool for writing with confidence is Ginger. It includes more than a hundred points of grammar checking to make your writing entirely mistake-free.

With Ginger, students can learn from their mistakes as the app provides useful explanations with every correction. If you don’t feel particularly creative, Ginger even rephrases sentences for you.

The app is available across all devices. You can use it as an app on your smartphone or tablet or integrate it with other software on your computer.

9.  Coggle

A huge part of writing papers is ideation and brainstorming. It’s useful to have a separate, more creative tool for this stage too. Coggle is an app that allows you to create all sorts of diagrams, mind maps, and flow charts.

With Coggle, you can enjoy complete freedom of how you want to organize your ideas. The tool is flexible and responsive to your needs. The app is particularly useful for academic group projects as it allows you to collaborate with peers in real time.

10. Cold Turkey Writer

While it’s nice to have all these feature-packed apps, they can also be distracting. Sometimes you don’t need more than a simple typewriter, just like Cold Turkey Writer.

It stands for distraction-free writing space. You can set your writing goal—time or word-based—and the app will block everything else on your computer until you reach it. This gives you a huge productivity boost and allows you to stay focused on the task at hand.

To Sum Up

We hope these ten apps will become a useful addition to your writing toolbox. They take care of all the technicalities of the writing process. Meanwhile, you can focus on the best part—being creative. So if you’re about to start a new writing assignment, it’s time you gave these a try. You’ll be amazed at how much time you can save by letting the apps enhance your writing process!

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