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6 Amenities To Look for in 3 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

3 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

When renting a family home, you want a blend of space and convenience, and one factor contributing to this is the available amenities. With their unique architectural designs and shared community spaces, townhomes offer an appealing alternative to traditional single-family homes or apartments. The amenities provided in townhomes can vary from one property to another. Here are six amenities to look for when searching for 3 bedroom townhomes for rent:

1. Modern Kitchen Appliances

A well-equipped kitchen is a must when renting a family home. If you love cooking, a kitchen with modern elements like stainless steel appliances will help make your work easier in the kitchen. Ample storage space is also necessary for a 3-bedroom home, as you need to store food and supplies. Look for townhomes with spacious cabinetry and a large pantry or adequate storage. Look for a large counter space if you and your family love eating in the kitchen and preparing big meals. Durable elements like granite countertops can add to your kitchen’s appeal.

2. In-unit Laundry Facilities

Having an in-unit washer and dryer is a convenience that eliminates the hassle of visiting the laundromat. With in-house laundry facilities, your family can do their laundry at any time. When touring 3 bedroom townhomes for rent, check if they have modern laundry facilities. Also, check whether the laundry room’s location within the home makes it easily accessible.

3. Adequate Parking Space

Parking is a real advantage as it eliminates the stress of finding street parking spaces, which are often limited. A townhome with an attached garage is ideal as it allows you to park your car in a private space only accessible to you and your family. Parking your car in a garage protects it from the elements and potential theft. A garage also provides additional storage space for belongings such as bicycles, tools, or seasonal items.

4. Outdoor Space

If you have children, look for a townhome with outdoor space where they can play. An outdoor area is also ideal for entertaining guests in the warmer months. When inspecting potential townhomes, assess the condition and size of the outdoor space to determine whether it meets your family’s needs. If you love the outdoors, check potential townhomes’ proximity to outdoor recreational areas like parks, beaches, bike paths, and hiking trails.

5. Pet Amenities

If you are a pet owner, look for townhomes with pet-friendly policies for a hassle-free rental process. Inquire about community pet policies, such as restrictions on the breed, number, and size of pets allowed. Look for properties with designated pet areas, such as dog parks or walking paths. The floor plan of the townhome you chose should also accommodate your pet.

6. Community Amenities

The surrounding community’s amenities may also impact your townhome’s living experience. Look for townhomes near recreational and entertainment centers, picnic areas, parks, and fitness centers. These amenities encourage social interactions, helping you to make connections in your community. If you have children, look for townhomes with schools and a bus stop nearby. Proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, and supermarkets is an added benefit to look for when hunting for rental townhomes.

Find the Best 3 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

Renting a townhome offers the benefits of community living with added space and privacy. When searching for 3 bedroom townhomes, prioritize homes with the amenities you need to cater to your lifestyle, comfort, and convenience. Look for amenities like kitchen appliances, laundry facilities, and a parking space within the townhome. Explore the community around the townhome and see if it has amenities like parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, and shopping centers.

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