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4 Red Flags Indicating You Need AC Repair [Garland, Texas Guide]


After a few years, the air conditioner can start to perform poorly and may require repairs. But unfortunately, many homeowners ignore the repairs. However, if you see the following signs, you must repair the AC immediately.

4 Red Flags that Indicate You Need AC Repair – Garland, Texas Guide

1.   Unusual Sound Coming from the Air Conditioner

Usually, while functioning, air conditioners make white noise. But if you hear a rattling or buzzing noise from the air conditioner when it is turned on, you must call an AC repair specialist.

When the AC makes rattling noise while it operates, it indicates that there are loose parts inside the air conditioner. But if you hear a whistling sound coming from the HVAC unit, it indicates that there is a lack of airflow. The probable causes of lack of airflow can be dust or debris in the air ducts or a clogged air filter. Also, if there are leaks in the air ducts, your cooling system won’t get enough air supply.

Apart from these, when you have an oversized air conditioning unit, you can also hear abnormal noise coming from the unit. When you install an oversized unit, it will cycle on and off frequently. And because of this, you will hear unusual noise coming from the AC. Besides, due to frequent AC cycles on and off, there will be a lot of stress on the system. Eventually, this will lead to costly AC repair and increase energy consumption will increase. That is why you should contact an HVAC expert and repair the AC as soon as you hear an unusual sound coming from the cooling unit.


The best way to tackle the higher energy bills is by installing a VRF air conditioner. VRF ACs use minimum energy and provide maximum cooling to your space.

2.   Hot Airflow

If your air conditioner is producing hot air instead of cold air, it indicates that there can be an issue with the thermostat.

Many experts consider the AC thermostat as the brain of the AC. Because a thermostat controls an air conditioning system’s temperature and other functions, but over time, this thermostat become faulty, which can impact the air conditioner’s performance. This includes not cooling the space, producing hot air, or running longer than needed resulting in more energy consumption.

This is why if your AC is producing hot air, call an AC repair expert, and if the expert finds out that the thermostat is broken, you must replace it with a new one.

If you’re currently using a manual thermostat, you should switch to a programmable one. With this type of thermostat, you can monitor the temperature remotely. Besides, with modern features, you will be able to reduce energy consumption and enjoy more comfort. However, before installing a programmable thermostat, you will have to ensure that the AC is compatible with the thermostat. If you have an old HVAC, it is likely that it won’t be compatible with it. In this case, you will have to replace the cooling unit to install a programmable thermostat.

3.   Refrigerant or Water Leakage from the AC

Refrigerant or water leakage from the air conditioner is the biggest red flag, and as soon as you notice it, you must call an AC repair expert.

AC refrigerant absorbs the heat from your space and transfers the heat to the environment, and this way, it keeps your space cool and comfortable. But over time, refrigerant can start to leak from the AC. Usually, when there are internal damages in the cooling unit, refrigerant leakage can happen.

AC refrigerant is very toxic in nature. If you get into contact with it, your health will be at risk. That’s why only certified HVAC professionals can refill the AC refrigerant, and it requires sincere handling.

Also, when there is AC refrigerant leakage, your cooling system will have to function longer, lowering the AC efficiency and tearing out the AC parts. If you don’t act on time, AC parts can become irreparable, and in the worst-case scenario, your air conditioner will have a system breakdown.

Whether it is water leakage or refrigerant leakage, you will have to call the AC repair expert as soon as possible. For this type of AC problem, every second matters, and you shouldn’t cause any delay.

4.   Not Getting Enough Airflow from the Air Conditioner

If you’re suddenly noticing that you’re not getting enough airflow from the air conditioning system, there is a high chance that it is because of the dirty air filter.

As the air filter blocks all sorts of dust from entering your house, it gets clogged quickly. That is why cleaning the AC filter every few months is recommended.

If you don’t clean or replace the AC filter regularly, dust particles will enter the cooling unit and reduce the system’s efficiency. Besides, these dust particles can get mixed with the treated air and lower the IAQ. And if this happens, it will make everyone in your house sick. This is why as soon as you find out there is a lack of airflow, call an HVAC expert.


Sometimes AC repair can exceed the cost of a new air conditioner. In that case, purchasing a new one rather than repairing it is the smarter option to choose. Also, if you have an AC system that is more than 10-12 years old, you should replace it.

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