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With a QR Code, How Much More Info Does a Business Card Need?

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Business cards can help you network, expand your contact list, or showcase relevant products and services. Knowing what to add to your card can make it professional, readable, and balanced. If there’s extra information, the QR code business card can accommodate it. Besides utilizing a QR code, here is some other information you can include on your card:

Contact Details

You can include your business name, phone number, physical address, and email address on your business card. Add the correct contact details to help you network easily and find prospective customers. Align the contact information center, right or left, depending on the template design. 

Choose a font that’s easy to read for customers to call you or locate your business. If you have one communication method that’s more effective than others, highlight it using a larger size. You can include an email address you use frequently to help grow your contact list. All this information can be included in your QR code business card.


A logo adds a visual element to your business cards so that customers can remember your company. Your logo represents your brand, so you should use it to attract clients and customers. Use a high-quality image that customers can easily see and recognize.

Avoid adding text next to your logo to make it stand out. You can give it some white space to prevent the design from looking cramped. Dedicate one side of your professional business card to your logo. This can be at the upper left-hand corner, the back of the card, or the entire left half.  Place the company name alongside the logo to make it visually appealing and tie the two parts together.

Website or Social Media Profiles

Include links to your social media profiles on your card. Add a select few of your handles to help people connect with your business online. Persuade prospects to subscribe to your page or join a group when they see the URL on your business card. Prioritize one profile if you have many of them to boost your marketing efforts.

Websites can help you market your products or services. The card can contain a URL to your website to help customers find you online. The link could be to your home page, about us, blog, or contact page. You can also add a URL to showcase your current projects or work.

 Company Tagline

Your company’s tagline or slogan can inform customers about your services and products. If you don’t have a tagline, create one by summarizing what your business provides in a few words. Use relevant, short, and catchy phrases that people can easily remember. If you specialize in one service, use that as your slogan.

Using minimal words can make it possible for the text to fit on your card for legibility. If you want your slogan to be appealing, use the right colors and typography. Use a phrase highlighting your team values to impress your clients or customers. 

Name, Title, and Photo

Your name and title can appear on the business card as a memory jogger for prospects and clients. When people see your name or position, they will know who you are and what you do. You can use a larger font for your name and place the title below it. Include relevant credentials to establish expertise and credibility. Use abbreviations of your accreditations to help save space on your business card. 

Create a personal connection by adding your full name and a photo. You can also create a product that looks high-quality by printing on glossy paper. Photo business cards can be ideal for photographers and realtors to help them stand out or showcase expertise. Use a smaller headshot to help it fit on the business card. 

Invest in QR Code Business Card Services

You can add contact details, a logo, a tagline, a website, social media profiles, a name, a title, and a photo to a business card. If you want to add more information like product description, call to action, discounts, and events, a QR code can serve that purpose. Invest in QR code business card services to help you create brand awareness, find more clients, and follow up on potential leads. Choose custom codes that help you stand out from the competition.

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