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Why Keeping Your Car Roadworthy is Essential for Safety

Why Keeping Your Car Roadworthy is Essential for Safety

Roadworthiness keeps your vehicle in good condition, enabling it to operate legally and safely. It includes good mechanical shape, well-functioning brakes, lights, tires, safety equipment, and compliance with the law. If your car checks these requirements, you get a roadworthy certificate in Brisbane to operate freely.

A roadworthy vehicle must pass all necessary inspections to make it suitable for use on public roads. Maintaining your car is crucial to your safety and other road users’ well-being. Poor maintenance leaves you with expensive encounters like breakdowns and accidents.

When You Need a Roadworthy Vehicle Certificate

You need a roadworthy certificate on different occasions like;

  • After first registering your car.
  • When renewing the registration
  • New registration for a car previously registered in another state
  • A roadworthy certificate makes it easy to sell your car without modifications.

If you fail in a roadworthy inspection, the police pull you over and issue you a deficit notice, meaning your car needs attention to remain safe on the road. You must go to your mechanic for repairs and replacement of faulty parts. Take your vehicle for inspection at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS), where a skilled examiner can assist you in getting a roadworthy certificate.

The Importance of Keeping Your Vehicle Roadworthy

Before igniting a car, walk around to ensure the exteriors are okay. Only a well-maintained vehicle can ensure smooth movement and safety for other motorists. A roadworthy vehicle ensures the following things are in check.


A roadworthy vehicle doesn’t break down or experience major hitches while on the road, reducing the risk of avoidable accidents. As a vehicle owner, you are responsible for ensuring your car is in good shape and meets the legal standards of safe driving. You can do this through regular trips to the service station for car maintenance services.

Legal Compliance

Every car owner must have a Roadworthy vehicle Certificate issued after an inspection to determine that their car is in good shape. Fortunately, many mobile inspectors can perform the inspection at your location for more convenience. A mobile assessment will likely cost you more than driving to the inspector’s location.

Fuel Efficiency

A well-maintained vehicle consumes less fuel, making running easy and saving money. Ensure that you have regular oil changes and tire rotations to help with efficient fuel consumption.

Reduce Breakdowns

No motorist likes their car to break down as it consumes time and money. Regular maintenance and repairs will put breakdowns at bay and reduce the need for expensive repairs. When you take your care for roadworthiness inspection, they will tell you what needs repair or replacement.

Retain a Resale Value

Ensuring your car is roadworthy is beneficial because it has a higher resale value than neglected ones. A vehicle in good condition is appealing; if selling becomes an option, finding a buyer and setting the price will be easy.

Avoid Fines and Penalties

If your vehicle isn’t roadworthy, the traffic police will stop you and issue a ticket. Besides, failure to have a roadworthy certificate can lead to fines by traffic enforcers.

Environmental Protection

A roadworthy car has less environmental pollution and carbon loathing due to efficient fuel consumption. A well-maintained vehicle emits fewer carbons into the air, consumes less fuel, and reduces general ecological impact.

Ways to Ensure Your Vehicle is Roadworthy

Roadworthiness is essential for commercial and private vehicles. Before leaving your house, check your car tires and other parts to ensure it’s in good shape. Here’s how to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.

Regular Maintenance

Regular visits to your mechanic will ensure you cruise the road without tragic incidents. A maintenance appointment entails an oil change, checking and replacing air filters and spark plugs, tire alignment, and checking the engine’s performance.  It also looks at the brakes, exterior, seat belts, oil leaks, faulty lights, and steering components. Taking your car for regular maintenance ensures that worn-out parts are replaced quickly to prevent costly repairs.

Address Warning Signs

Pay attention to your vehicle; how it sounds or drives will tell you its current condition. If anything feels off or sounds strange, visit your mechanic to get it fixed. Some warning signs are; strange noises and warning lights on your dashboard.

Attend Scheduled Inspections

Taking your vehicle for scheduled inspections helps maintain its roadworthiness, increasing efficiency and safety.

Maintaining your car’s roadworthiness means you mind your safety and other road users. Your vehicle remains in good shape, retains resale value, and has longevity. As a car owner, it is prudent to maintain your car through repairs, maintenance, and replacement of worn-out parts.

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