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What to Get a Toddler: The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide

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The first toddler in your family or friend group can be a huge learning curve for everyone. The good news is that some of those curves can be a lot of fun, like gift-giving. It can be a challenge to figure out just what to give a toddler, especially if you don’t spend that much time with the child in question. The good news, for now, is that the gift in question is less about the child themselves and more about what the parents need.

Always Ask the Parents First 

Thinking of getting a toddler a toy? Think again. Today kids can get so many toys that they can end up discarded, broken, or just left out in abandon. With families living in increasingly smaller homes, there just isn’t the space for all that stuff. That’s why it’s important to ask the parents first what they need for their child. Chances are, what they need is not going to be yet another flashy, attention-grabbing toy. What they need will be far more practical.

Top Gift Ideas for Toddlers That Parents Won’t Hate 

With kids’ toys out of the picture (unless you’re given a specific one as a recommendation), you may feel at a loss in terms of what to get. Don’t worry, as you can fall back on these top options:


Kids grow up fast! What this means is that they constantly need new clothes. While an item of clothing may not be the most exciting gift, it is an essential one. You can get a comfortable toddler boy sweater and a fun graphic t-shirt, for example, and satisfy both delighting the kid and helping the parents out.


Books are easy to store, help cultivate a love of reading, and are hugely entertaining for kids. That’s why they make such great presents. Go for stunning indie publications, and that gift can last generations as it’s passed down. Alternatively, you can go down the gift card route or take the toddler to a bookstore to pick out the book themselves.

A Day Out 

Another great gift idea for kids is a day out. Paying for both the toddler and their parents to go out to a kid-friendly place for an afternoon is a great gift for both the toddler and their parents since it takes a lot of pressure off their backs. To really help out, of course, offer to take your niece, nephew, grandkid, or friend’s kid out so that the parents can spend the time setting up for the rest of the birthday party instead. This can be to the movies, to a splash or play park, or even to a kid-friendly theatrical show.

Collaborate with the Parents

Another reason to get in touch with the parents in advance is so that you can collaborate together. Say they get their toddler a tricycle. You can then get accessories for the bike, like streamers or a helmet and shinpads. There are so many ways you can add to an existing gift, help out the parents, and delight that toddler in your life.

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