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What is the application of vanadium in steel?

application of vanadium in steel

Vanadium (V) was found in 1801 by del Rio; however, a French chemist dismissed this discovery claiming that Del Rio had merely discovered impure chromium. Believing this French chemist, Rio agreed to his finding. It wasn’t till 1830 when Sefstrom rediscovered Vanadium and called it after the Scandinavian goddess Vanadis, owing to its appealing multicolored compounds.

However, it wasn’t till 1867 when Roscoe lowered the chloride with hydrogen to keep away the first vanadium sample. It took about 60 years before V was produced with 99.3 to 99.8% purities.

Vanadium Steel

It’s a steel alloy with small quantities of the vanadium element. Utilized in structural steels, vanadium steel is more robust, durable, and lighter than other steel alloys. Vanadium steel is applied in pipelines, automotive manufacturing, bridges, heavy machinery tools, and buildings.

This element, Vanadium, is on the periodic table. The transition metal is naturally found combined with several other minerals or deposits of fossil fuel. You may also commercially make the metal using a process called calcium reduction. It’s a brightly soft white metal with great natural strength. It’s primarily utilized in alloys.

Steel and Iron Industry

An essential alloying component, vanadium is primarily utilized in the steel sector. Around 85% of the vanadium metal is added as vanadium-nitrogen alloys and iron vanadium to increase the strength, flexibility, toughness, and heat steel resistance.

Because vanadium-containing steel has excellent properties such as high toughness, strength, and strong wear resistance, it’s frequently used in various industries, including manufacturing machinery, automobiles, ships, trains, aeroplanes, bridges, electronic devices, and the defence sector.

HSLA steel plate, High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, HSLA steel, HSLA strip, threaded construction steel, advanced high-strength strip, high carbon steel wire, railways, tools, and die steel are the primary high-strength alloy steels that contain vanadium.

Chemical Industry

Here, Vanadium steel is primarily employed as a catalyst to manufacture vulcanized rubber and sulfuric acid. Also, it’s used to suppress nitrous oxide production in power plants.

Other chemical vanadium products are mainly used for developers, catalysts, ceramic colorants, desiccants, etc.

In Vanadium Redox Battery Field

The research of vanadium redox battery, a new kind of clean energy storage tool, started 1980’s in New South Wales University in Australia. Compared to other chemical power sources, the apparent benefits of vanadium batteries include high power, high efficiency, large capacity, long life, fast charging, fast response, low cost, and high safety.

Aerospace Industry

Manufacturers use about 8 to 10% of vanadium steel as titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloys for missiles, aircraft engines, rocket engine shells, aerospace cabin frameworks, steam turbine blades, etc. Also, you can use Vanadium as a strengthening agent and stabilizer in titanium alloys, which gives titanium alloys good plasticity and flexibility.

In addition, you can use vanadium alloys in superconducting materials, magnetic materials, nuclear reactors, and cemented carbide materials.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this essay, which will help you understand better how vanadium is used.

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