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What is OOH Marketing and How Can It Help Your Business

What is OOH Marketing and How Can It Help Your Business

The world has gone digital, which means the need for billboards and posters is in the past—right? Wrong. If anything, marketing materials made of paper and physical materials have never been more important. People are bombarded with content on their screens, to the point where they’ve become almost experts at ignoring ads that come their way. That’s why in the digital world influencer marketing is so important. You need someone to essentially vouch for your brand online.

Offline is an entirely different game. Product merchandising, art advertising, and traditional OOH (out-of-house) materials can make a big impact because they share a physical space with the community. A great ad is one that people will look up at and read when they’re on the subway, or look at when passing by on the highway. If you manage to delight them, they’ll even talk about the funny or interesting ad they saw on their way to work.

In short, OOH marketing can be big for your business. If you aren’t familiar with the term, however, don’t worry, this article will help you understand what you need to know to get started.

What is OOH Marketing? 

As mentioned above OOH marketing simply means “out-of-house” marketing. It refers to any marketing material that gets physically sent out to the world. That being said, a digital billboard is also considered OOH marketing, even though it’s a video or a static digital picture. The reason why is because of its location. OOH marketing is meant to be out there in front of the public. It shows up on billboards, bus stops, on subways, and more.

Don’t think that these traditional forms of marketing are outdated—a San Diego billboard is still seen by many on their way to work or into the city, and while you can’t customize your ad so that it hits a target market directly like you can with digital marketing, you can make a statement.

What is OOH marketing good for? 

OOH marketing is great for a few different reasons, and knowing its strengths can help you plan a winning OOH campaign that sees a huge return.

The first reason to plan an OOH campaign is simply to get your name out there. People buy from brands they trust and know are the real deal. If they know your name, they will feel more confident buying your product the next time it comes up—possibly even online. This is known as a brand recognition strategy, and it’s a crucial element in making your product or company a household name.

The second reason is to direct potential customers to your store. Say you have a large warehouse off a highway. A billboard a few miles before your location can not only advertise what you offer, but where you’re located. This is particularly useful for destinations such as antique markets, farmer’s markets, and other road-trip-friendly pit stop destinations.

OOH marketing can also start a conversation. So long as your message or approach is more generalized to appeal to most (or at least a large demographic) of the people who drive by, you can truly make an impact. This is why fashion brands, food brands, and other general-purpose brands that sell products that most people would want do so well. Niche marketing isn’t as effective, so try to reframe your approach accordingly.

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