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What Does A Commercial Electrician Do?

Commercial Electrician

Are you a business owner keen on understanding the role and responsibilities of a commercial electrician? In this article, The Flash Electric will explore what commercial electricians do, how they contribute to keeping businesses running safely and efficiently, and why engaging these professionals is essential for your commercial property. So let’s demystify the role of commercial electricians and explore why they are so vital to business owners.

Before we dive into what commercial electricians do, it helps to understand who they are.

Who Is A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is a technician specializing in the maintenance, installation, and designing of electrical systems for businesses. They are responsible for the building’s electrical system’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Commercial electricians must understand their local areas’ electrical codes and follow them when installing or maintaining existing wiring, which often requires specialized training and a restricted electrical licence with Electro-Training. Now that you know who commercial electricians are, let’s explore what they do.

What Does A Commercial Electrician Do?

Commercial electricians have an extensive list of tasks they perform, but generally, their main responsibilities include the following:

Designing Plans For New Electrical Installations

Commercial properties can be expansive, thus requiring complex wiring systems. This is where a commercial electrician comes in. To ensure an efficient and safe system, the electrician will first design a plan incorporating all the necessary components and factoring in the property’s structural layout.

Installing And Maintaining Wiring And Electrical Components

A commercial property’s wiring forms the backbone of its electrical system. Therefore, its installation and maintenance should be done correctly. Commercial electricians will install or replace wiring and other electrical components to ensure the system accurately meets safety and operational standards.

Inspecting Electrical Systems And Performing Electrical Tests

Commercial properties may require high electric energy levels. Unfortunately, this puts them at risk of experiencing electrical damage, short circuits, and fire. To ensure this does not happen, you need an experienced eye to inspect your property’s electrical system for possible defects.

Commercial electricians are experts at uncovering potential electrical problems and providing solutions to address them. They can perform tests using sophisticated tools to ensure the electrical system functions optimally.

Leading And Coordinating Teams On A Given Project

As mentioned earlier, commercial projects can be expansive. For instance, projects such as multi-story buildings, factories, and industrial sites require multiple electricians working together to finish the job.

So to ensure the job is executed efficiently and on schedule, you need an experienced team leader to coordinate the team. A commercial electrician’ rich experience, comprehensive knowledge, and leadership skills make them ideal for such tasks.

On-Site Training Of Apprentices

Huge electrical projects usually require many hands and engage apprentices to supplement the team while allowing them to gain hands-on experience. It is a senior electrician’s duty to train and guide these apprentices. From demonstrating the correct safety procedures to explaining the building codes, the electrician provides an experienced hand in guiding the apprentices.

Repairing Electrical Equipment

Business environments use various electrical equipment, from air conditioners and fans to transformers and motors. However, due to wear and tear, this equipment may break down. Commercial electricians are skilled in identifying and troubleshooting issues with electrical equipment and performing the necessary repair services. Among their expertise, electric motor maintenance & repair services are particularly crucial, as these are key components in many business operations. Regular maintenance and timely repairs of electric motors can significantly reduce downtime and improve the efficiency and longevity of the equipment.

Now that you understand what commercial electricians do let us explore the skills they need to possess.

What Skills Do Commercial Electricians Need?

For commercial electricians to succeed in this profession, they must possess the following skills:

Electrical knowledge: having a sound understanding of electrical principles and components enables commercial electricians to diagnose issues quickly. Thus allowing them to offer fast and efficient solutions. This knowledge includes reading and interpreting electrical diagrams and understanding the local electrical codes.

Problem-solving skills: The complexity of commercial projects present numerous opportunities for electrical problems to arise. That’s why the problem-solving skills of a commercial electrician are invaluable. Their ability to identify problems quickly and craft solutions that get the job done is essential.

Communication skills: Electricians must possess elevated communication skills to execute commercial projects successfully. From conveying ideas to apprentices and other trade professionals to explaining electrical problems to clients, a commercial electrician must be articulate and persuasive.

Commercial electricians are skilled professionals who play a crucial role in maintaining and developing the electrical systems of businesses. With their extensive knowledge and skill set, they ensure your property’s electrical system is reliable, efficient, and safe. So if you require quality electrical services for your business premises, hiring an experienced commercial electrician is essential.


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