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What Can A Family Lawyer Do For You?

A Family Lawyer

All sorts of matters fall under the umbrella of family law, such as adoption, child support, child custody, and alimony. You need the services of an experienced family law attorney whether you have resolved to make changes in your life or are just learning about your choices.

The emotional toll that a divorce may have on children is a major concern for many parents. According to studies, children often recover fully within twenty-four months following a divorce. According to their research, children whose parents are constantly arguing also tend to have greater issues than adults.

Estate Distribution

The fate of their loved ones in the event of their untimely demise is one area of family law that many people choose to ignore. Ensuring your desires are fulfilled after your death is as easy as hiring a family law practice with lawyers specializing in estate planning. If you do not have a valid estate plan when you pass away, your assets will be distributed according to law. The existence of any surviving parents, kids, or close family is a determining factor in the distribution process, as per the legislation.

All communal property and one-third of your separate possessions will be inherited by your partner if you’re married and have children. Your real estate will also be accessible to them indefinitely. Everything else will be passed on to your offspring.

Married people are subject to various regulations, but it is not your spouse’s problem that you have children. Under these circumstances, your partner will be entitled to half of the communal assets, one-third of your possessions, and the lifelong privilege to reside in your home. Your offspring will be entitled to half of the community’s property and everything else.

Alternative versions exist for different types of families. You must realize that the state’s legal decisions and your desires for your family can be drastically different.

Your loved ones might save paying a lot of taxes by transferring their wealth to a trust. If you have small children and pass away before they reach adulthood, your will might name a person or people to take care of them.

You would want to have a say in who your children’s guardians will be and how your assets will be divided. Our knowledgeable lawyers can help you create a personalized will, trust, or other legal instrument to protect your loved ones from uncertainty and disputes over your wealth distribution.

Custody Disputes

Requests for modifications to parental time or custody often come from one parent for the following reasons:

  • A parent is relocating across state lines or the country.
  • Parental incarceration
  • Child at risk
  • Not following the court’s directive
  • If you have children, You could learn about improper things occurring in your ex-spouse’s house. This might vary from somewhat little issues, such as children not having enough time to sleep, to more severe accusations of physical, emotional, drug, or mental abuse.

Your child’s well-being should never be compromised. Do not try to represent yourself if you are concerned that your kid is in danger. You may learn your rights and how to prove your accusations are true by talking to a family law attorney.

If you consult with an attorney, you may learn how to protect the children from harm. In the absence of a compelling change of circumstances, the courts are hesitant to intervene in the residential placement of young children. Ideally, this shift would be substantial, long-lasting, and dramatic.


A bad relationship can stress you quickly. One could sneak up on you without you noticing. Any relationship that lacks mutual support is always tense, has one partner trying to bring the other down, is competitive, disrespectful, abusive emotionally or physically, or has a continuous argument that is toxic.

If your relationship always saps your energy and makes you miserable, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re in the wrong kind of relationship. Seek the advice of a family law professional to better understand your position and your rights in such a challenging scenario.

The most prevalent reasons for divorce in the US, which has a divorce rate of 39%, are:

  • Issues with finances
  • Extramarital affairs and infidelity lead to a marriage that cannot be fixed.
  • Sexual issues, such as incompatibility between partners or a marriage that does not provide sexual satisfaction
  • Drug misuse
  • Violence, whether verbal or physical

What you want from a relationship doesn’t matter; talking to a family lawyer is the first step toward a better life.

Child Support

Your ex’s salary has increased due to their promotion. If you have minor children, the quantity of child support that each parent is required to pay can change depending on this. Any parent income change should be promptly reported to the court. When their income drops, they usually remember to execute this step, but when it rises, it easily slips their mind. A rise in child support may be requested via a petition, giving the cause more momentum.

A recommendation on the reasonableness of a rise in child support or accountability for medical expenditures might be made after the court reviews the income of both spouses. Things that are considered while deciding on child support include:

  • Each parent’s salary and earning potential
  • The educational attainment and employment prospects of each parent
  • Education and childcare expenses
  • Health care and insurance premiums
  • Living expenses
  • A parent’s earning potential determines their employability. Because of this, a parent cannot use temporary low-earning employment to avoid paying child support.

The parents need to put in their full effort when generating earnings. Each parent is required to meet this requirement. All of these are considered, but if you have one kid and are paying child support, it will amount to 20% of your total income. Support will amount to a minimum of 40% of your net salary when you have six or more children; beyond that, it rises by 5% for each additional kid.

Your attorney will be well-versed in child support regulations and will know how to properly submit the request to support your case for asking for the raise.

Get in touch with a family law attorney at Select Law Partners PLLC if you need assistance with any family law issues.

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