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What Are the Applications of LED Tape?

LED tape is common among some of the most in-demand lighting options in the market today. Because of their low heat emissions and ability to maximize space, these lights have become the ideal choice among home and commercial property owners. Listed below are some of the most common uses of top-rated led tape lights:

For Path Lighting to Reduce the Risk of Injury

LED tapes reduce the risk of injury on pathways in dark areas. They illuminate winding and dark pathways and help people move around. These tapes can be used on translucid stones and also as indirect lighting for outdoor areas.

To Draw People’s Attention

LED tapes are bright and hence can draw people’s attention to them. As a result, these lights can be used on signage. They offer a stark contrast in signage design and color, attracting people’s attention to whatever is being marketed on the signage. In addition, these tapes will continue to function even if one diode fails, ensuring they last longer and offer maximum benefits to businesses using them for marketing purposes.

As Accent Lighting to Draw Attention to Artistic Displays or Architecture

LED tapes can be used as accent lighting to draw people’s attention to art displays or unique architectural elements in a building. They create unique room scapes and landscapes by highlighting a particular aspect of the area. As a result, people will focus only on the illuminated area, which could be the best part of the architecture or display.

As Task Lighting to Improve Focus

LED tapes can provide high-quality task lighting in homes and businesses. They can help you, your family members, or your staff to stay focused and complete the task at hand. For instance, task lighting in your garage can improve safety and keep burglars away from the area.

As Recreational Lighting in RVs, Boats, and Vehicles

Because of their versatility, LED tapes are often used in recreational vehicles. Flexible LED tapes can illuminate your vehicle’s undercarriage, floorboard, dashboard, and any other badly lit area. These lights, when used in RVs, can prevent energy drain on the batteries and generators, keeping the indoor temperatures comfortable. LED tapes also make great accent lights or task lights in boats, making them ideal for fishing or enjoying a calm evening or night on the water.

Under Cabinets to Improve Brightness in the Kitchen

Using LED tapes as under cabinet lighting can add an extra bit of brightness to your counter and help you work better. As a result, you will be able to cook with ease, fine-tune recipes, identify any dirt or stains on the counters, clean your counters better, and improve food safety.

As Backlighting in Light Sensitive Areas or Products

Certain products like wines, spirits, and beer are light-sensitive. LED tape lights can be useful while displaying them. Because of their adjustable settings and low intensity, these lights may extend the shelf-life of light-sensitive products. As a result, they can help businesses that sell these products save thousands of dollars a year.

Ways of Using LED Tape

There are two main ways of using LED tape – in an aluminum profile or on its own.

On Its Own

Most LED tapes will come with a 3M adhesive tape that can be used to fix the light on any surface without any additional fixtures or apparatus. Scenarios, when you may install the LED tape on its own, include:

  • When the tape is not visible, like over your cabinets in the kitchen
  • When you are on a tight budget and are trying to minimize costs and don’t mind visible diodes.

In an Aluminium Profile

Fixing LED tapes with aluminum profiles will improve the light’s overall finish and aesthetics. In addition, the profile may diffuse the light from the LED tape, hiding the diodes and producing a continuous effect. Some of the scenarios where you would use an aluminum profile for your LED tape include:

  • When you want a clean finish on your installation
  • If you are installing the LED tape over glossy surfaces
  • If you want to recess the LED tape into a space
  • If you want to fix your LED tape at an angle
  • If you want to install the tape into stairs or arched locations

How Long Will an LED Tape Last?

Typically, an LED tape will last you between four and five years or up to 50,000 hours. These tapes will fade out over a period of time instead of burning out like traditional lights. You can improve the lifespan of these LED tapes by installing them correctly, purchasing high-quality LED tapes, purchasing tapes with safety listings, and not keeping them on for long.

While LED tapes have several uses, you will be able to get the most benefits from them if they are purchased from professional and reliable companies. Companies like Simple Lighting offer a wide range of LED tape lights that can be used in various applications. Their tapes can help enhance the ambiance in your homes and add a stylish look to different areas.

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