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Wedding Inspirations – Where Do We Get Inspiration From?

Wedding Inspirations

Most brides-to-be have a preconceived picture of what they want their wedding day to look like. If you plan your big day, you can fill in the missing blanks elsewhere. So, if you’re interested to know more about wedding inspirations – where do we get inspiration from?

Many sources online help you realize your dream wedding come to pass. You might have admired wedding themes on Pinterest until you interacted with more people, and your ideas got diluted. The perfect photos of you, the groom, and your guests are all dolled up for the big day. Make sure you hire a professional photographer to capture every moment for you to look at later. If you’re interested in getting the best images, click here to learn more about wedding photography.

Where To Get Wedding Inspiration

Planning a wedding can be daunting without the right inspiration. So, don’t let the many options overwhelm or confuse you. Even with the most active imagination, you need some help to fine-tune your ideas and make that day a fairy tale. Let’s explore different places to get wedding inspirations, including the captivating world of documentary style wedding photography, and leave a mark in everyone’s memory. And don’t forget to add or display wedding hashtags couples to make it more fun, trendy, and modern wedding.


Although Pinterest is famous as a one-shoe fits, it’s not the only resource online. Instagram is second to non when it comes to the best, most accessible places to find wedding inspiration and unmatched ideas. Visit the site and key in wedding-related hashtags in the search bar, then hit the magnifying glass to search. Try any hashtags with specific words and borrow anything you find suitable.

Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture and interior design will give you the latest palettes, patterns, and textures as fresh inspiration. By the time you finish perusing the pages, you’ll have enough ideas or details on furnishing and lighting. You can also browse online wedding stores and borrow more ideas.

In your own time, walk around your neighborhood and visit home design stores to see how they have decorated the hotels and restaurants. Envision each space and how it makes you feel. Pay attention to small details, cause you never know when the perfect idea will spark. Look at your interiors and picture what you’re drawn to and what makes you feel at home.

Fashion Trends

Like interior design, fashion trends will inspire you with color combinations, vintage influence, and fabrics. If a particular designer inspires you, try to find what pulls you to them. Another alternative is fashion shows, which showcase a wealth of new creative ideas, including high-end boutiques and fashion trends. So, don’t limit yourself to one display or store.

Attend Other Weddings

Attend your friend’s wedding, not to copy her theme and ideas of a wedding style, but to get inspiration. However, that’s not to say you can’t borrow and own a few pictures. While you’re there, take the opportunity to observe how the wedding celebrant conducts the ceremony, as their style and the way they personalize the event can be a source of inspiration for your own special day. Whatever interests you in different weddings, take mental notes and if you love any of the venues you visit, book it for your wedding. Besides the arrangement, did you like the catering services? If so, take their contact and see if you can solicit their services on your big day.

Flea markets

Flea markets can give you the best ideas ever. Take a trip to your nearest flea market and get lost in their beautiful treasures. Allow yourself to get lost in the electric combination of different eras, get inspired, and borrow some ideas for your wedding.

Art Galleries and Museums

Art galleries and museums will inspire you if you’re keen to detail. Explore them with an open mind, and be free for the collections to draw you differently. If you love a specific artist, borrow some of their aesthetics and incorporate them into your design ideas.


Mother nature is a rich source that can inspire many more original and interesting ideas than a computer screen. Go to the countryside, visit the coast, see the different plants, sand color, flowers, plants, and the sky and incorporate them. Capture pictures where necessary for later reference. Anything unique, including a rock formation or a favorite bloom, can strike an inspiration anytime, especially if both of you find the spot meaningful.


As they say, a traveler broadens their mind. You can travel to your wedding destination or a place both of you relish and get inspiration. Take into account places both of you love, where you got engaged, or places you’ve visited in the past.

As you go through the above options, you’ll have various ideas that blend well with what you and your spouse love. Make notes of what draws you to the areas you explore, then compile them into one picture and make your wedding day fantastic. It’s not only about how flashy your ideas are but how the concepts you borrow from different places blend into one idea.

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