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Unveiling the Role of an Arborist: What They Do and Why They’re Essential

Unveiling the Role of an Arborist_ What They Do and Why They're Essential

An arborist is a professional specializing in arboriculture, the scientific study, and care of trees. They provide important advice on tree care and help aid healthy tree growth. They will explain the best ways to care for your trees, and may also help with pest control and tree removal. An arborist is specially trained and licensed to handle different aspects of tree care. They can perform evaluations for tree health, prune trees, diagnose problems and infections, and treat any diseases that your tree may have. They are certified to handle dangerous tasks that are involved in tree care like climbing trees to prune large sections or potentially dangerous and unstable branches. A trusted arborist in Oregon can help you understand why you should hire a professional arborist and also how they can help you maintain your tree health.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Arborist?

While it can be tempting to handle all the tree care tasks on your own, hiring a professional arborist can make your job very easy. Below are the benefits of hiring a professional arborist:

Knowledge and Experience

An arborist is trained to provide quality tree care advice. They can diagnose any issues or threats and treat the tree. They also have years of experience handling various trees on residential properties and can advise you on how to care for different trees.

Can Help Save Money in the Long Run

Hiring an arborist may sometimes save you money in the long run. When inspecting your trees, the arborist may identify any potential problems before they become big and give you solutions for handling them. As a result, you won’t be faced with any unexpected problems that require expensive solutions.

Develop a Comprehensive Plan to Care for Your Trees

You must have a comprehensive tree care plan if you want to ensure your trees grow well and have a long and healthy life. A professional arborist can help you develop such a plan. They will consider the specific requirements of your landscape and trees while developing the plan and also schedule regular maintenance and specific tree care activities.

Has the Right Equipment, Safety Training, and Insurance

When you hire a professional arborist to care for your trees, you can rest assured that you are dealing with someone with professional equipment, necessary safety gear, and required insurance policies. They will have machines like cranes and bucket trucks that ensure all tasks are completed safely and smoothly. They will also have insurance so that you don’t have to worry about any mishaps or accidents on your property.

Can Help Pick the Right Trees for Your Property

Finding trees that are suitable for the local environment is critical to having a good landscape. The arborist has the necessary knowledge required to identify trees that are suited for your soil type and weather conditions.

Services Provided by an Arborist

Besides advising you on tree care, an arborist also performs a wide range of services, including:


Pruning may be required for various reasons like safety or improving tree health and appearance. An arborist is trained in pruning and can advise on whether you should prune a tree or not after inspecting it.

Tree Removal

A dead tree can be dangerous. The arborist can plan the tree removal and ensure it is removed safely from your property.

Emergency Tree Care

Storms and severe weather conditions can damage your trees. Removing or trimming storm-damaged trees can be extremely dangerous. A professional arborist has the right equipment and safety gear to remove or prune the damaged tree safely while reducing risk to people or property around it.


When you plant a new tree, getting it to a healthy start is critical for its long life. An arborist can help you identify tree species that are ideal for your local conditions and provide advice on how to care for the tree in its formative years.

Other Services

Besides the abovementioned services, an arborist also helps with:

  • Plant health care and preventive maintenance
  • Bracing and cabling for additional support to weak branches
  • Soil aeration to aid root growth.

Hiring an arborist like ArborPro Tree Experts can make your life easy. They have over 30 years of experience and will take care of all the trees on your property and ensure that your landscape looks and remains healthy. They offer various tree care services like tree pruning and trimming, tree removal, emergency tree care, stump grinding, and tree pest control.

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