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Unlock Your Potential: How to Become a Successful Online English Teacher

Become a Successful Online English Teacher

In life, there are always opportunities for growth and improvement. This can come from learning a new skill, or refining an existing ability into something better than it was previously.

During this digital era, it is now easier than ever to pass these techniques onto others, enabling them to benefit from the tips acquired during a lifetime of learning. In fact, one such growth area for many individuals is to consider becoming a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher.

Read on below to find out more about the several advantages of becoming a TEFL teacher, as well as why right now is the best moment to make the career leap. Furthermore, there will also be a range of invaluable insights into getting started in the field, ensuring that the transition into teaching TEFL online is a successful one.

What is TEFL?

TEFL, or TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language) as it is known in some regions of the world, is helping learners gain mastery over the grammar and vocabulary aspects of English. This can range from identifying the letters of the alphabet correctly, all the way through to which preposition to use with a specific verb in order to create exactly the right phrasal verb.

Typically, this subject was taught for a long time in physical classrooms, with the TEFL teacher standing at the front of the room while the group of learners sat, listened and frequently took notes to aid their comprehension. However, recent times have seen a marked shift in the amount of online teaching of TEFL, moving more and more towards an age where a lot of students actually flourish more in the online setting.

In either case, the learning usually follows a more structured pattern for beginner learners, who aim to achieve a degree of comfort in their basic comprehension of English itself. For more advanced learners, the needs tend to diversify more markedly, with some learners needing more attention on aspects such as pronunciation, whereas other students require assistance and development with their grammatical control in writing.

What does a TEFL teacher need to do to get started?

The very first thing a new TEFL or TESOL needs to do to commence this new career path is to get a reputable TEFL certification. The following guide by The TEFL Org on TESOL has all the main information on the upsides of getting trained on such a TESOL course, alongside the very latest news in the domain.

For starters, having a reliable TEFL qualification to hand is actually a requirement for many online TESOL recruiters, who feel that this is an essential prerequisite for their new teachers to hit the ground running. This is not only to ensure that the TESOL teacher has taken the necessary steps to get the fullest amount of knowledge that they possibly can, but also provides a sense of reassurance for the majority of TESOL students that their teacher takes their professional development seriously enough to go the extra mile and get certified.

On top of that, the courses themselves are run by a team of friendly yet experienced TESOL experts, who understand the many different ways in which a new teacher can become proficient and influential quickly. This can range from how to make an effective classroom atmosphere online, to ways in which the shyer or more reclusive students could be encouraged to participate meaningfully and without judgement.

Last but not least, the course is an ideal way to make new friends for the TESOL course and beyond. Making new buddies is a wonderful way to survive the challenges that the course itself might bring, as well as having a network of acquaintances to share thoughts and concerns with in the world of TESOL teaching online.

How can a new TESOL teacher become successful?

One of the simplest and most efficient methods of becoming an effective TESOL teacher quickly is to jump in and get started right away. With that TESOL certification to hand, most recruiters will be seeking a teacher to get started right away.

While this may seem daunting at first, it actually does make more sense in the long run, because as the old adage goes, practice often makes perfect. Plus, with online education only a click away, learners from around the globe are ready and waiting to get going immediately.

One of the first decisions that a new TESOL teacher has to make is which age group to work with. As with most things, trial and error does help in making this choice.

For some, the sheer energy and enthusiasm of younger online learners will appeal. This is partly because of the raw power that seeing kids demonstrate mastery of a new skill can bring to an online room.

Additionally, younger students tend to be a bit less afraid to try new things and have a go at language concepts, as opposed to some older learners who might feel a touch more nervous or afraid to make a mistake. This can be particularly harnessed in an online setting, where the learners are often in the comfort of their own home, reducing any potential nervous feeling even further.

On the other hand,  working with a more mature student could be the way to go for some new TESOL teachers. This could be due to the fact that lesson topics can be a bit more deeply explored, such as how education has been changed by global events such as the recent pandemic, or whether professional sports stars should be paid more than medical doctors or even teachers.

For all TESOL students, the primary responsibility of the teacher ought to be helping them to unlock their potential, both within an individual online session as well as during an overall TESOL course. As a side bonus, the new TESOL teacher may just find that they are unlocking their own potential even further while aiding these students, showing that growth can be something both given and received in this unique vocation.

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