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Types of Hardware for My Luxury Glass Doors

Types of Hardware for My Luxury Glass Doors

When researching what hardware to purchase for your luxury glass doors, check if the hardware matches the style of your door. There are many different types of hardware, each with unique features. The design of the door and the installation company you are working with can also determine the kind of hardware you choose.

Glass door hardware is subdivided into two broad categories: Commercial hardware and customized hardware kits. These two types are used for different kinds of projects. One type of hardware is easy to install, while the other has more robust features.

Below is a brief description of each type:

Commercial Hardware

Commercial hardware is the type of piece you get from any hardware store or online seller. This type of hardware comes in complete sets like a lock and key and is very easy to install. Manufacturers make these pieces in a way that they fit different types of projects. They provide extra security to your home and can withstand long-term use and harsh weather conditions.

Professionally manufactured commercial hardware comes with a warranty. Be sure to check what kind of warranty the manufacturer has. Some require you to make an extra purchase to get the contract, while others will come with a full lifetime guarantee. Some of the commercialized hardware pieces you can get for your glass door include:


Locks for glass doors come in various types, each with different features. Available commercial locks in the market include deadbolts, electronic and keyless locks, cylindrical knob locks, storefront bolts and latches, and magnetic locks and folders.

Exit Alarms

Exit alarms make a sound when an unauthorized person opens the door. If you want to add security to your home, there are a variety of commercialized exit alarms in the market.


If the luxury doors you are installing have a frame, you will need vertical hinges to connect the entrance to the edges. Choose commercial hinges that match your door type and style. Continuous hinges are ideal for luxurious glass doors.

Protection Plates and Kickplates

Protection and kickplates protect your glass door from tearing. There are a variety of these plates in the market, each manufactured to fit different types of doors. Ask the door installation company if your doors need protection plates.

Sliding and Barn Door Hardware

If you opt for a sliding door design, you will need sliding and barn door hardware. These accessories allow the door to move without using a lot of force. Check with the installation company about the type of barn door hardware you should get for your door.

Customized Hardware Kits

Some luxury glass doors require their unique hardware for installation. An example is when you are installing a frameless glass door. The hardware needed for those structures may be hard to find in a commercial setting. Most companies that manufacture luxury doors also manufacture this hardware.

If you purchase hardware with the door from a specific manufacturing company, the hardware is likely made in the same factory as the door. It is possible to get customized hardware based on your personal needs. Customized hardware kits are ideal when you want to reinforce security in your home. Some of the pieces you get in a hardware set include:


Pivots offer the ideal way to hang a door because they are easy to maneuver with even the heaviest glass panes.

Push-Pull Hardware

Push and pull hardware enables the door to move in whichever direction it is being directed. These types of hardware come in different styles.

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes provide access to all the benefits of credential-managed entry for a greater level of building security. They are common in commercial buildings to enhance security. Choose an electric strike that fits your kind of door. Other hardware kits available for luxury doors are latch protectors, flush bolts and coordinators, thresholds, weatherstrips, and seals.

Get the Best Hardware Set for Your Luxury Glass Doors

Whether you buy customized hardware or a commercial kit for your luxury glass doors, quality should come before price. There are several types of hardware, each with different features. Ask the company that sold you the luxury door if they have custom-made hardware sets that would match your style and preferences.

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