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Type C Charger – A Comprehensive Review

Type C Charger - A Comprehensive Review

Moving with the pace of technology is not only mandatory these days but also important for several other aspects. These aspects include getting rid of charging issues, getting rid of handling big devices for power and data sharing, and giving up on all kinds of environmental issues. The type c charger has come with the same mandate as this charger versatile, powerful, smart, efficient, small in size, universal, and sustainable charger. Type c charger is available at Anker which is made of high and durable quality.

Here you will get the best review on type c chargers and everything you need to know about this type c. Let’s see what these chargers are up to.

An insight into the structure of type c charger:

Type c charger is a kind of connector that easily connects different devices for sharing and distributing power, data, and charging. The structure is compact and the design is durable. It has a 24-pin double-sided connector to connect devices with it. These connectors are of two kinds male and female. This charger is oval. These pins are classified into a few categories such as 16 pins for data transfer, 4 ground pins, and 4 power pins.

Give reasons why type c charger is better than conventional chargers:

We have many reasons to tell you that type c charger is better than conventional chargers. These reasons are explained below.

  • It is three times faster than regular usb and chargers and this fast speed can only be expected from this type of c charger.
  • This charger works well and pairs up easily with different kinds of devices such as Android devices, windows of different kinds, and many others. This flawless working nature is only present in this type c charger.
  • This charger is capable of delivering additional power which is around 240W. This power can be enjoyed by many different devices such as phones, tablets, and many others.

What is making type c chargers different from Android ports?

Many things are in this list that can make type c Charger distinguished from the Android ports. These things are here as follows.

  • This charger is universal as it connects with all kinds of devices. While android ports are used only for Android devices for data sharing.
  • This charge is specially designed for power sharing along with data sharing. While android ports are only made for data sharing between Android devices. They are not designed for power sharing.
  • Type C Charger is versatile and small in size. While android ports are large.
  • Type C charger is compact in design while Android ports are not made up to the mark.

Type C Charger - A Comprehensive Review 2


All the facts regarding type c charger clearly show that this charger is a charging standard and is versatile. This versatile nature is making it an ideal choice to charge your devices and to share power with other devices. If you want to buy this type c charger then you need to check all the collections at Anker. This company has changed the standards for charging technology. So, why not go for this charger?

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