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Top Tips for Healthy Teeth & Gums

Top Tips for Healthy Teeth

When you consider what a set of teeth must deal with in a lifetime, it’s kind of scary! We chomp our way through endless dishes, not to mention beverages and over the course of a lifetime, we need to take good care of our molars.

Here are a few top tips on good oral hygiene that everyone should follow.

  • Low sugar diet – Sugar is fuel for the bacteria that eat away our tooth enamel, so only consume low-sugar soft drinks, if at all. Fresh fruit drinks are ideal – rinse with a mouthwash after consuming fruit, to remove the acids fruit contains. Try to avoid red wine and black coffee, as these can cause discolouration; if you have a sweet tooth, try to find a balance.
  • Rinse with coconut oil – Many Australians do not know about the benefits coconut oil has for the teeth and gums; swish it around and force the liquid through the gaps on the gumline and this boosts health cell growth in the gums. We all know how beneficial coconut oil is for the skin and hair, now you know about another great application for this amazing natural oil. Ask your Sydney CBD dentistry practice and they’ll confirm the benefits of rinsing with coconut oil.
  • Carry a small bottle of mouthwash – When consuming tea, coffee or any other beverage, rinse with antiseptic mouthwash after every session and this removes harmful elements; follow this with a drink of water. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll wonder what took you so long; fresh breath adds confidence.
  • High quality toothbrush – Invest in a premium medium bristle with a small head; there are YouTube ‘how to brush your teeth’ videos that demonstrate the most effective way to brush. Next time you visit your dentist, check out his stock, plus he can offer on-the-spot advice about brush and toothpaste. Here are a few good reasons to have regular oral check-ups.
  • Sports protection – If you play contact sports, make sure you buy a couple of plastic mouthguards. Put them in hot water then they form the shape of your teeth to give complete protection. Accidents can happen, so get into the habit and protect your teeth and gums when playing sports.
  • Balanced diet – Your teeth and gums require a balanced diet in order to remain healthy; if your diet consists mainly of processed foods, you might be lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. If you live in Sydney, you can order online from nearby organic farms, keep a week’s supply in the fridge and you can make delicious fresh fruit smoothies.

Oral hygiene should be a priority for everyone; regular dental examinations allow the dentist to check that all is well and should there be any issues, prompt treatment is the best solution. There are quite a few cosmetic treatments such as laser teeth whitening, Invisalign and porcelain veneers, ask your dentist next time you have a check-up.

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