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Tips on Navigating the City with Kids

Tips on Navigating the City with Kids

Did you know that over 2000 kids go missing persons each day in the U.S. alone? And oftentimes, there are simple and avoidable ways to ensure you don’t lose sight of your kids in a busy city.

If you’re planning to drive or walk within, say, Las Vegas, with your kids, it may turn into a stressful experience. But whether it’s New York City, Chicago, or Las Vegas, navigating the city with kids can be daunting and intimidating for kids.

After all, major cosmopolitan cities like New York have an endless stream of traffic that takes time and practice to navigate. Now, let’s take a look at the best practices and tips that can help parents navigate a metropolis city with their kids:

Communicate Contingency Plan

In case you get separated from one of your kids, make sure to communicate the contingency plan. For instance, make sure your kid has memorized the number and the name of the street.

However, if your kid is a toddler and cannot understand or memorize numbers and names, then get a wristband, note down the information, and put it on your kid’s arm. This is one of the most effective and convenient ways to navigate the city with your kids safely.

Establish Safety Grounds with Your Kids

One of the ways to better navigate the city with kids is to establish clear safety grounds from the start. Whether it’s how to navigate the traffic and cross the streets, set and communicate clear boundaries with your children about safety.

Most importantly, communicate the safe distance with your kids and help them understand how traffic signals work. Once kids form a basic understanding of a city’s surroundings, it allows them to navigate the city with more ease and comfort.

Tips on Navigating the City with Kids 2

Get a Helper

Whether it’s a sibling, co-parent, guardian, or spouse, see if you can get a helper that can make it easier to navigate the city with your kids. Besides, having an extra pair of hands allows you to better travel and enjoy the city and cuts out the need to constantly worry about losing your kids.

A helper can help you figure out directions quickly and direct your attention toward the bare essentials. This will also ensure you don’t lose valuable luggage while getting in and out of vehicles and buses. The alternative solution is to purchase strollers to carry around kids and luggage at the same time.

Know the Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

As some of the most vulnerable users of the road, pedestrians should know what situations are the most dangerous. According to a pedestrian accident lawyer in Las Vegas, these scenarios commonly lead to accidents:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Cell phone use
  • Failing to yield to pedestrians
  • Ignoring traffic signals.

When navigating the city by foot, it’s best to stay vigilant at all times. Drivers can cause catastrophic damages even when pedestrians are following all safety and roadway guidelines.

Get a Small and Sturdy Stroller

One of the best ways to navigate the city with kids is to get a small and sturdy stroller. In fact, instead of getting an incredibly expensive stroller, get a small, flexible, functional, and strong stroller. This will also make it easier for parents to get in and out of different transports.

Choose Convenient Transportation Options

Speaking of transportation, opt for the most convenient options in the city. Whether it’s shuttles, buses, subways, taxis, or Uber, take your time and choose the transportation options that can help you navigate the city with your kids easily. Make sure to get the attention of your kids before you enter elevators, subways, buses, or shuttles.

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