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Tips for Being a More Charitable Businessperson

Tips for Being a More Charitable Businessperson

The words ‘charitable’ and ‘businessperson’ are not often found together, and even if they are, it tends to be rare, or people assume it is for publicity. If you are determined to break down stereotypes and to be a more charitable businessperson, there are many steps that you can take, and here are just a few of them.

Start a Non-Profit

If you are looking to start up a secondary venture, or you have decided to close down your current business and start a new project with the funds that you have, you should consider whether starting up a non-profit might be a good idea for you. Non-profit organizations can help others and your local community, as well as communities further afield. Whether you are passionate about animal welfare, the environment, or making your hometown a better place, non-profit organizations devote all of their time and funds to making a difference rather than a profit. If you think that you might like to start up a 501c3 non-profit organization, you should conduct a lot of research into this, including looking at online guides, as these will ensure that you head in the right direction.

Give to Charity

If you want to find a small way to be a more charitable businessperson, the most obvious thing you can do is give to charity. Giving to charity will allow you to make a difference and contribute to non-profits that you care about and whose mission you believe in. If this is sounds like the right action for you, you should look at your budget and consider setting aside a certain amount each month for a charitable donation.

You should, however, research the company that you are donating to first to make sure that they are doing good in the world and that their mission aligns with your values. You might also consider contributing some of your products and services or collaborating with them to raise awareness of the charity and your company at the same time if it is appropriate. Many business owners even donate some of their or their employee’s time to helping charities, and you should consider starting up a fundraising campaign within your workplace that could benefit the charity in question.

Host Free Events 

As a business owner who is trying to make a difference, you might also consider hosting free events which anyone can attend. These community events can be those which help the community and bring them together or that help to boost the skills of those within your community. You might also consider hiring out your space for free to individuals, community groups, and other businesses who may need an event space. This can allow you to play a direct part in helping your community to thrive and can ensure that the people living in the area around your business see you as part of their community and as caring about the community that your business is part of.

Just because you are a businessperson, this does not mean that you are unable to be charitable. From hosting free events to giving to charity, there are many steps that you can take to ensure that you are making the world a better place, even if this is in a small way.

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