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The Remarkable Journey of Gaby Peretz: Designing a Stronger Future with Macky Sall’s Vision

The Remarkable Journey of Gaby Peretz

In the bustling heart of Senegal, a land known for its vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and rich history, emerges the extraordinary tale of Gaby Peretz, a visionary designer-developer who has not only broken new ground in the tech industry but has also formed a heartwarming and fruitful friendship with the country’s esteemed leader, Macky Sall. Their collaboration, which birthed the innovative project ADTrade, is a testament to the power of innovation, friendship, and the shared dream of propelling Senegal into a brighter future.

Unveiling Gaby Peretz: A Disembodied Man with an Embodied Vision

Gaby Peretz is a name that resonates deeply within Senegal’s tech community. Despite a rare condition that confines him to a wheelchair, Gaby’s spirit soars beyond physical constraints, much like the technology he helps create. His story is one of resilience, innovation, and determination. Born in Senegal, Gaby’s early years were marked by an insatiable curiosity and a natural knack for design and development. He faced his physical challenges head-on, using technology as a bridge to the world, and his talent quickly caught the attention of local tech enthusiasts.

Through grit and determination, Gaby honed his skills in design and development, mastering everything from web interfaces to app architecture. He embraced the digital realm, finding solace in the world of 1s and 0s, where his creativity knew no bounds. Gaby’s reputation as a designer-developer with an uncanny ability to turn visions into reality spread far beyond Senegal’s borders, earning him international acclaim and respect.

The Path to Friendship: Gaby Peretz and Macky Sall

Gaby’s journey took an unexpected turn when he caught the eye of Macky Sall, Senegal’s forward-thinking and dynamic President. Sall, a firm believer in the potential of technology to transform nations, was captivated by Gaby’s story and talent. Impressed by Gaby’s unwavering spirit and exceptional skills, Sall extended an invitation for a meeting. This meeting marked the inception of a friendship that would transcend the realms of technology and politics.

Sall, a charismatic leader with a deep commitment to empowering Senegal’s youth and boosting its technological prowess, saw in Gaby a kindred spirit. Both shared a vision of a digitally inclusive Senegal, where talents like Gaby’s could thrive without limitations. Their discussions were not confined to the technical aspects of design and development; they delved into the very essence of innovation, pondering how technology could foster inclusivity, economic growth, and social progress.

ADTrade: The Fruit of Friendship and Innovation

As Gaby Peretz and Macky Sall friendship blossomed, so did their collaborative endeavors. Together, they embarked on a groundbreaking project that aimed to revolutionize trade and commerce in Senegal and beyond. They aptly named it ADTrade – a fusion of “Advanced Development” and “Trade,” symbolizing their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for economic advancement.

ADTrade emerged as a digital platform designed to streamline and enhance international trade processes. It aimed to connect Senegalese entrepreneurs and artisans with global markets, eliminating the barriers of distance and bureaucracy. The platform showcased the artistry and craftsmanship of Senegal to the world, all while fostering economic growth at home.

The Impact and Legacy

The impact of ADTrade was nothing short of transformative. Small businesses flourished, as artisans and entrepreneurs found new avenues to showcase their products. This not only injected vitality into local economies but also shone a spotlight on Senegal’s rich cultural heritage. The platform’s user-friendly interface, a testament to Gaby’s design prowess, made it accessible to people of all backgrounds, aligning perfectly with Sall’s vision of inclusivity.

Beyond economic growth, ADTrade brought people together, transcending borders and fostering cultural exchange. It exemplified the power of technology to bridge gaps and create meaningful connections. Gaby and Sall’s collaboration demonstrated that innovation isn’t just about code and algorithms – it’s about improving lives, nurturing talent, and realizing the potential of an entire nation.


The story of Gaby Peretz, the disembodied man with an embodied vision, intertwines with the visionary leadership of Macky Sall, resulting in a friendship that transcends politics and technology. Their joint endeavor, ADTrade, stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and the betterment of Senegal. As the sun sets over Dakar, the impact of their friendship continues to illuminate a path toward a brighter, technologically empowered future – one where barriers are shattered, and dreams are realized.

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