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The Importance of Stocking Up On AED Supplies

Stocking Up On AED Supplies

Suppose you’ve ever had or witnessed a cardiac arrest case; then you know every second counts. If the victims of such an attack don’t get timely help, they may eventually lose their life. Dialing 911 may help, but there are things you should do before help arrives. One such thing is using an Automated External Defibrillator on the victim.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) have helped to reduce the number of deaths from cardiac arrest and its likes. Thankfully, several offices and businesses are now including AED as part of their first aid kit. That being said, if you or a family member has a history of coronary artery disease, there are AED supplies that you need to consider having in your home.

Meanwhile, please keep reading to learn the importance of having AED supplies readily available and how to use them.

What is an AED Machine?

AED, as popularly called, is an abbreviation for Automated External Defibrillator. It’s a machine that helps during life-threatening situations. It helps to restore the heartbeat by sending an electric shock to the patient’s heart. They are designed to be used by anyone who can follow the instructions in the user manual. Although AED machines are not to replace medical help, they can be used as first aid treatment before medical help comes.

Importance of AED Supplies

They Save Lives During Emergency

Every life is precious. Therefore, it’s crucial to always have equipment that can provide help during emergencies. Most people experience a heart attack outside the hospital, where no medical help is near. No one plans for a heart attack, but when it happens, having an AED machine can save the situation. With an AED supply at hand, there will be less risk of deaths.

If you have a senior or people with a high risk of a heart attack around, it’s particularly helpful to have a readily available AED machine.

They Ensure Safety in Large Groups

The larger the number of people in a gathering, the higher the risk of having someone with a heart attack. If you’re always organizing conferences or you have a large church, mall, stadium, restaurant, school, hotel, or theater, having AED supplies is vital. It would be best if you also had a staff that can give first aid and CPR.

They are Used For Protection

Aside from being a smoker and having other preexisting chronic diseases like diabetes, working in a strenuous environment can also cause a heart attack. If your job requires you to stay under a high temperature, you may also be liable for heart-related issues. To save you and your workers during unforeseen circumstances, it’s crucial always to have an AED machine at your workplace. AED supplies can also help at gym centers which people of various health conditions patronize.

They Give Peace of Mind

When you have AED supplies at home or in the office, you’ll rest assured knowing that you can handle any unplanned circumstance. AED machines are not hard to use; therefore, they can be used by anyone at any place. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally shocking the patient. If you’ve had one heart attack experience before, it’s essential to have an AED machine at home and someone who will operate it for you.

How Does an AED Work?

AED supplies have few components, and anyone can use them. However, you must be familiar with the components to be able to use them correctly. Below are the main parts of an AED machine:

  • Battery: The AED machine needs a battery to charge its capacitor. This energy helps it to send a shock to the patient. The battery is also important for diagnostics purposes. It helps to confirm that the AED is working properly.
  • Electrode pads: When a patient has a heart attack, the electrode pads are placed on the patient’s chest to read their heart rhythm. They stick to the chest, and the shock travels through the pad to the patient’s heart.
  • Processor: The processor helps the AED to read the patient’s heart rhythm. It serves as the brainbox of the AED. Without it, you will be unable to determine if the patient is in a shockable rhythm.
  • Capacitor: Once the battery charges the AED and releases energy into it, the capacitor stores and releases the energy. AEDs must have capacitors with large capacities to store and release energy to the patient’s heart.

The importance of having AED supplies readily available can’t be overemphasized. You can never tell when it will come in handy; therefore, you must always be prepared. Although it’s easy to use, it’s essential to have at least a trained person who can use an AED machine in the face of an emergency. This will help save the situation better.

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