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The economics of private jet charters

The economics of private jet charters

With recent public scrutiny over how celebrities use their private jets attracting media attention, many people are wondering just how viable private jet travel is and whether it’s that much better than flying first class.

We’re going to tell you just why it’s all it’s made out to be – and more.

Why fly private jet?

Whether you’ve flown private before or not, there are a whole host of reasons why you might prefer to take a private jet. Some of them include:

  • You can take pets onboard: Around 57% of us have a pet in the UK. If you’re a pet owner, we know how distressing it can be if you need to leave your beloved four-legged friends behind. If you travel on a private jet, you can take your pet with you and let them fly in the cabin.
  • It’s easier if you have medical needs: If you have sensory needs, a guide dog or simply need to take medical equipment with you, a private jet makes life much easier.
  • Travel together as a group: Whether you want to travel together as a family, a group of colleagues or a gathering of friends, private jets allow you to all switch off and enjoy your time together from the moment you step onboard to the moment you land back at home. Not to mention there’s no risk your flight will be cancelled last minute!

How much does it cost to charter a jet?

If you’ve decided that purchasing a plane is a little extravagant given the amount you travel, you might want to charter a private jet instead. Unlike commercial flights, you don’t pay for the seat, you pay for the plane. This means the price is the same no matter how many people you choose to have onboard.

How to save money on a private jet charter

On-demand charters are the most affordable form of private jet travel. While some people will purchase a private jet or aircraft outright, most people don’t travel enough to warrant this.

You can choose to pre-pay for private flights in 25-hour increments or some memberships allow on-demand charters where you to pay as you fly.

If you’ve got a degree of flexibility, you can book what’s known as an ‘empty-leg’ flight. This is essentially a deadhead flight where the aircraft is repositioning for its next charter. As it’d be making the journey anyway, you can normally charter a jet for a fraction of the cost.

Final thoughts

The allure of private jet travel extends beyond luxury – it offers the utmost convenience for travellers looking for a relaxed way to travel.  From pet owners wanting to keep furry companions with them to those with specific medical needs requiring specialised solutions, private jets cater to a diverse range of passenger requirements.

Will you give it a go?

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