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The Advantages Of A Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

To bag or not to bag, that is the question today and one that has undergone quite a lot of debate, with strong proponents in both camps. In our humble opinion, bagless wet-dry vacuum cleaners are a great way to handle liquids, you fill-up the drum and empty it without having to fuss around with a soggy bag. Unfortunately, they aren’t so great when it comes to most household vacuuming needs. The filters of a bagless vacuum tend to get clogged up with dust and dirt so you have to frequently clean them out, a messy process at best. When you don’t have a bag it means all that crud is just sitting in the drum and you have to manually dump it into your rubbish bin, another messy undertaking! Moreover, bagless vacuum cleaners are not a good choice for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitivities to dust because the emptying process can release particles back into the air- Ah-choo!

So, that brings us to bagged vacuum cleaners, a classic design that is still in heavy use in homes and offices to this very day. The bagged vacuum cleaner comes with a bunch of benefits, let’s take a look at some of them now!

Low Maintenance – If you don’t want to have a lot of fuss when you are cleaning up, then a bagged vacuum cleaner is the one for you. You never have to clean or replace the filter because there isn’t one, the dirt goes right into the disposable bag. The dirt container is also larger than its bagless cousin, which means you spend less time emptying it.

Allergy-Safe  – The bagged vacuum cleaner uses bags made from HEPA, high-efficiency particulate air media that traps 98% of the pollen and dust that lurks in your carpeting. They also are more hygienic because you are not exposed to dust while emptying the full bags. This makes the bagged vacuum the best choice for allergy sufferers, and that’s nothing to sneeze at!

Efficient Suction – The air travels directly down the hose right through the bag, out through the bag’s internal filter, followed by the motor to finally be expelled dirt-free from the exhaust when using a bagged vacuum cleaner. This means much more powerful and efficient suction so your carpeting is as clean as can be!

Clog Resistance – Today’s cutting-edge bagged vacuum cleaners are able to use new anti-clog bags. This innovation reduces the chances of the bag becoming clogged with dirt and crud, which can waste power and put a strain on the vacuum cleaner’s motor by and reducing the suction power. Your bagged vacuum cleaner will come equipped with an indicator light that will let you know when the bag in use becomes full so you won’t overfill it, causing a mess and impeding the motor’s performance. Just remember to keep new bags in stock when you do the shopping!

Australians love their vacuum cleaners, sales in 2024 have already reached 0.45 billion dollars! Bagged or bagless, rest assured the nation’s vacuum cleaners are doing their part to keep Australia’s carpets clean!

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