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Snow Gear Galore: Discovering Winter Appliances at Pawn Shops

Snow Gear Galore

When winter’s chill begins to blanket the landscape, many scramble to ensure they have the right tools and appliances to manage the snowy months ahead. While brand-new snow gear can dent your wallet, there’s an often-overlooked treasure chest where you can find quality winter equipment for less: the local pawn shop. Let’s explore the winter appliances you might stumble upon in these establishments and how to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

1. Snow Blowers: Clearing the Path Ahead

Arguably one of the most sought-after winter appliances, snow blowers can be a lifesaver when your driveway is buried under a foot of snow. Pawn shops often carry these, especially in areas where winter is particularly harsh.

Tips for Buying:

  • Test the snow blower to ensure it starts easily and runs smoothly. You could probably go outside to see if it works on actual snow.
  • Check for any visible damage or excessive wear. Make sure that the battery runs.
  • Ask about the age of the machine; newer models tend to be more efficient, but you might find a really reliable one that you just can’t pass up.

2. Snow Machines: Creating a Winter Wonderland

If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your winter festivities or events, a snow machine might be on your wishlist. These machines, which produce artificial snow, can often be found in pawn shops, especially during the post-holiday season.

Tips for Buying:

  • Ensure the machine produces snow uniformly and without hitches.
  • Check if the machine requires specific snow fluid and if it’s readily available.
  • Consider the machine’s capacity and if it’s suitable for your needs.

3. Ice Makers & Ice Fishing Gear

For those who love winter fishing or simply hosting winter parties, portable ice makers can be invaluable. Alongside these, pawn shops in colder regions might carry ice fishing gear like augers.

Tips for Buying:

  • For ice makers, ensure they produce ice at the desired rate and check their water storage capacity.
  • For ice fishing augers, check blade sharpness and ensure the motor (for power augers) runs well.

4. Heated Blankets & Portable Heaters

Nothing beats the comfort of a heated blanket or the warmth from a portable heater during a cold evening. These are common finds in pawn shops, especially as people upgrade or move.

Tips for Buying:

  • Test heated blankets for even heating and inspect for any wear or fraying.
  • For portable heaters, ensure they emit heat efficiently and that safety features, like tip-over switches, work.

5. Shopping Smart at Pawn Shops

Winter gear can be a significant investment, even when buying second-hand. Here’s how to ensure you’re making a wise purchase:

  • Research Beforehand: Know the retail price of the item you’re interested in. This will give you an upper hand while negotiating.
  • Check for Warranty: Some items might still be under warranty. Ask the pawn shops for any original receipts or warranty cards.
  • Ask About Returns: While not all pawn shops accept returns, it’s worth asking, especially for pricier items.

If you can find anything that is name brand or is very popular, always see if you can get those. Pawn shops are always.


Pawn shops are winter goldmines, offering an array of snow appliances and gear that can make the colder months more manageable and enjoyable. By knowing what to look for and ensuring you’re purchasing quality items, you can equip yourself for winter without the steep costs of buying new. So, before the snow piles up, head to your local pawn shop and discover the snowy treasures within.

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