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Skoda Octavia Limited Edition for Sale: A Review for Interested Buyers

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So, you are planning to buy that 2023 Skoda Octavia Limited Edition for sale you have seen around. Well, you are not alone in your quest for a luxurious car that speaks to your personal style.

The Skoda Octavia Limited Edition is one of the most reliable and stylish sedans on the market right now. It is a great option if you want something with plenty of power and an eye-catching exterior design.

However, like any other purchase, it pays to be well-informed before committing to it. Here is what you need to know about this vehicle.

Skoda Octavia Limited Edition Specs

The Skoda Octavia Limited Edition 2023 model comes with a range of features that make your driving experience enjoyable and safe. Let us take a look at its most important specs.

Engine and Performance

The Skoda Octavia Limited Edition for sale has a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine that produces a power of 140kW @ 6,500rpm and torque of 320Nm @ 1,500–4,180rpm. This powerful engine offers exceptional performance with smooth acceleration.

The Octavia edition also comes with four driving modes—Sport, Normal, Individual, and Eco—which can be customised according to the driver’s preference. This means you can get the most out of your drive, no matter what the conditions are.

As for its tow rating, it can pull a maximum of 1,600kg when braked and 710kg when unbraked.

Transmission, Drivetrain, and Wheels

The Skoda Octavia Limited Edition for sale comes with a 7-speed Auto Direct Shift that provides smooth and precise shifts. It has a front-wheel drive, so it is ideal for those who prefer a bit of extra traction and control when driving. Plus, the car’s suspension system ensures a comfortable ride even when going over rough terrain.

The Octavia also features 19-inch alloy wheels for that stunning look. The wide tyres and large discs provide excellent grip on the roads, making it easier to handle sharp corners and tight turns.

Fuel Specifications

One of the Skoda Octavia Limited Edition specs that attract many people is its fuel efficiency. Its 6-speed Direct Shift gearbox and lightweight body help to reduce fuel consumption, allowing you to drive more efficiently.

Generally, it has a combined average fuel economy of 6.3L/100km. This means you can save money at the pump, as it takes less fuel to cover a given distance.


The Skoda Octavia has a sleek and stylish exterior design that is sure to turn heads. Its front grille is adorned with chrome accents, while the side mirrors have been designed to provide maximum visibility. The car also features striking LED lights both at the front and rear, which are great for night driving.

The overall look of this car is completed by its metallic paint finish, giving it a premium look and feel. As for the roof rails, they are made from lightweight aluminium to reduce drag. The alloy wheels are also very eye-catching—their unique design gives the car an edgy look that you will not find in many other vehicles.


Like other high-end vehicles on the market today, the Skoda Octavia Limited Edition features a luxurious interior. The seats are upholstered in leather, and the cabin has been designed with ample space to ensure maximum comfort for both drivers and passengers.

The car also boasts modern features, such as an 8-inch touchscreen display, a rear parking camera, an automated parallel parking system, and cruise control. Plus, it is equipped with advanced safety systems, such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and lane assist.

Safety Ratings

When you buy Skoda Octavia Limited Edition, you will be pleased to know that safety ratings for this model are excellent. Its predecessors already achieved the coveted 5-star ANCAP rating, so you can be sure that this car is among the safest on the market. You can drive with the peace of mind that you and your passengers are safe.

Price and Availability

The Skoda Octavia Limited Edition price can start from around $50,000. This makes it an affordable option if you are looking for a luxurious car with plenty of features. It comes with a 7-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty to give you added peace of mind.

You can also find a good price if you shop around for deals. Many dealers have discounts and promotions that can help you save money on your purchase.


The Skoda Octavia Limited Edition for sale is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable and stylish car. Its powerful engine, comfortable interior, and excellent safety ratings make it a good option for those who want to get the most out of their purchase.

However, to ensure you get the best deal, you should only buy it from a reputable dealership. Make sure to do your research and compare prices before signing on the dotted line.

For more useful car-shopping tips, feel free to check out our other posts!

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