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Should You Get an Online or In-Person Title Loan?

Should You Get an Online or In-Person Title Loan

If you have your own vehicle, you can opt for more loan options than those leasing or financing a vehicle. Your car title lets you get a special title loan. They come with high interest, but if you’re short on cash and willing to put your vehicle, such as a car, as collateral, use these loans to cover your emergency costs. These loans can range from $100 to $10,000 or more. However, deciding whether to apply for your loan in person or online can be difficult. Let us help you.

What are Online Title Loans?

Online title loans are secured loans that require a vehicle exchange for cash. You can apply for those without using a traditional bank branch. Your loan limit lies between 25% to 50% of the total car value, and the lenders examine your car for its worth; Lenders will often look at your credit and do a vehicle appraisal. However, you are still eligible even with fair or poor credit. To apply, you need:

  • Clear title: Your vehicle must be in your name and have no loan liens.
  • Driver’s license and other identifying information: to prove your ownership and confirm your address.
  • Proof of income, pay stubs, and tax returns: To prove that you can pay back your loans. Each lender will have different requirements for proof.

Online Title Loans: Pros and Cons

You should apply for an online loan when:

  • You want to prequalify for a loan before applying.
  • You don’t have existing relationships with traditional bank.
  • You need quick access to cash.
  • You have little to no credit score.

Online title loans no store visit are convenient. You no longer need physical visits to a branch. Instead, you can complete the loan process online from home. It provides greater accessibility; you can get a loan in remote areas without physical lenders.

The application process is more streamlined, and you also get funding speed, faster approval times, low to no fees, and access to online loan calculators. It is much easier to compare and contrast different lenders, interest rates, and terms online. Your poor credit history will not affect your ability to take a title loan. It is also a much cheaper and safer alternative to payday loans.

However, you can’t interact face-to-face, losing the opportunity to negotiate loan terms or seek clarification. There is a risk of finding predatory lenders or getting scammed (you can mitigate this by choosing licensed and reputable lenders).

In-Person Title Loans: Pros and Cons

You should opt for in-person loans when:

  • You aren’t comfortable sharing your personal details online
  • Have existing banking relationships
  • Prefer face-to-face experience to negotiate loan terms
  • Are not rushed for time or cash

You can receive personalized assistance as staff can guide you on the application process and address any queries. Meeting them in person can reassure you of the lender’s legitimacy. As lenders can inspect your vehicle condition on the spot, you can negotiate for higher loan amounts. A pre-existing banking relationship can get you more competitive rates and lower fees. However, it becomes difficult to shop around and compare options. Visiting physical locations, filing paperwork, and waiting for approval can be time-consuming.


Whether you choose to apply for online or in-pay loans depends entirely on your preference and comfort levels. However, if you urgently need cash, online loans may be ideal. You should compare and contrast the different options available to ensure you’re getting the best loan terms, search for reputable and licensed lenders to avoid getting scammed, and be mindful of your repayment schedules to avoid losing your car.

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