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Short Domain Names: Why Your Business Needs One

Short Domain Names: Why Your Business Needs One

So, you are creating your new business’s website, that’s awesome! Naturally, a stylish and easily-navigable website is essential to your business’s success. And, whilst creating a stunning website itself is imperative to your online success, elements like a good domain name are also integral, and why?

Because they make it easy for customers to find you!

You’ve likely already chosen your business name, something short, sharp and catchy. Now it’s time to transfer that into a short, sharp and catchy web address that your customers both new and pre-existing will have no trouble finding.

After all, there is absolutely no point in choosing a sharp business title like “Luxe Lighting” if you are then going to make your web address “www.luxelightingandinstallations.com.au” – any potential customers will be immediately turned off the idea of typing all that into the search bar!

With this in mind, here are a few key reasons why you must choose a sharp and succinct web address for your new brand:

They are easy to remember

When you buy domain names, the first thing you must ensure is that web address is an absolute sinch to remember. After all, the last thing you want is for a potential customer to hear your web address through word of mouth, only to forget it as soon as they step outside to type it in their mobile browser.

Your web address must be easy to remember and the best way to ensure this is through making it short, succinct and, perhaps most importantly, clear. Let’s go back to our Luxe Lighting example.

Whilst you’ve already decided that you are going to leave out the “and installations” element, please don’t go ahead and start throwing in random letters, numbers or hyphens into your web address. Just stick to its original spelling, avoiding random spellings like www.luxel1ght1ing.com” – this is just madness!

Yes, the first thing you must do is ensure that your web address is short, sharp and clear, as this is one of the most important ways to drive web traffic and, rewardingly, conversions.

They are far more brandable

We’ll stick with our Luxe Lighting example here.

Think about it: you use your Instagram to share some stunning new lighting that everyone from avid home enthusiasts to interior design experts are going to see as they follow your page and love the designs you stock. Unfortunately, you have this random, long-winded web address that makes it incredibly difficult for everyone to enter – is this a good look for your brand?

Unfortunately not.

Conversely, a short and sharp web address looks good on everything from graphic designs to social media posts. Web addresses, alongside Instagram and X handles etc. are found on pretty much every piece of marketing you share with your audience.

Therefore, you want to ensure that it looks sleek, stylish and easy to remember, as this is one of the many gateways your customers can use to find your site and make those all-important purchases.

They are easy to type on mobile

Mobile amounts for a winning 64% of all online searches (SISTRIX). This means your website needs an extension that is going to make it easy for potential customers to search your website on-the-move. They do not want to sit there typing out a confusing, long-winded web address when they are sitting in an Uber or at-risk of bumping into someone on the sidewalk.

Instead, ensure your web address is short, sharp and easy to type on-the-go!

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