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SEO Write For Us, SEO Blog Guest Post

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Welcome to DebraBernier.com, a site dedicated to providing valuable information on SEO to our audience. We’re excited to hear your unique insights and ideas in the SEO niche and are always open to accepting guest posts from knowledgeable writers.

Advantages of Posting on DebraBernier Posting

Your guest article on DebraBernier.com comes with a range of benefits that include reaching a larger audience and expanding your online presence. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy as a guest poster on our website:

  • High-quality links: You can include 2-3 dofollow links in your guest post, which can boost your website’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site.
  • Exposure: Your guest post will be permanently featured on our website and shared on our social media channels, giving you maximum exposure to our audience.
  • Authority: DebraBernier.com has a Domain Rating (DR) of 44+ and a Domain Authority (DA) of 35+, which can help enhance your credibility as a writer and a subject matter expert in your field.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

Submitting your guest post is easy. Send your article to info@debrabernier.com in a Word document or Google Doc format.

guest post write for us debrabernier

Guest Post Writing Guidelines

To ensure the quality of the content we publish, we have specific guidelines that we expect guest authors to adhere to:

  • Originality: Your article must be original, well-researched and not have been published elsewhere.
  • Length: Articles should be at least 800-1500 words long.
  • Clarity: The article should be easy to read and written in concise, clear language.
  • Relevance: Your article should provide valuable insights and actionable tips in the SEO niche.
  • Links: Ensure that any external links are reputable and relevant to the content. We do not accept affiliate links or links to spammy sites.

Recommended Topics

Here are some of the recommended topics that you can write about in the SEO niche:

  • On-page SEO techniques: Share your insights on the best on-page optimization practices, including title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, keyword density, and internal linking.
  • Off-page SEO techniques: Write about the best off-page optimization techniques, such as link building, social media optimization, guest blogging, and influencer marketing.
  • Technical SEO: Share your expertise on technical SEO, including site architecture, mobile optimization, site speed, and schema markup.
  • Local SEO: Provide tips and tricks on how to optimize a website for local searches, including Google My Business optimization, local keyword research, and local link building.
  • Content marketing: Discuss how content marketing can improve your SEO strategy, including topics such as keyword research, content creation, and content promotion.
  • SEO tools: Share your experience with the best SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz, and how to use them effectively to improve your website’s rankings.
  • Case studies: Share your real-life experience with SEO and how it has impacted your website’s traffic and conversions.
  • Google algorithm updates: Write about the latest Google algorithm updates and how they affect SEO strategies.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your guest post. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@debrabernier.com.