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Securing Tomorrow: CISSP Certification Meaning & Its Role In Shaping The Future Of Cybersecurity

CISSP Certification Meaning

Reports indicate the current occurrence of the average number of annual digital frauds to be 2,49,000 and estimated annual loss amount to be about $10.5 trillion by 2025. The number speaks for the urgent requirement of well-trained and proficient cybersecurity professionals. With promising opportunities for skilled and capable individuals, how can you prove your mettle amidst the sea of candidates?

CISSP certification– the shining star you can add to your resume to outperform your competitors in the cybersecurity field. Gain detailed information about the certificate and buckle up your preparation to reach your goals with this certification.

CISSP Certification

CISSP, or Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification, is awarded by  (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium). It is earned by the individuals in the IT sector capable of imparting effective cybersecurity.

The certification testifies to the effective design, implementation, and management ability of the best-in-class cybersecurity experts while proving their skills in the field. With strict eligibility requirements eliminating the freshers, the certification speaks for the candidate’s experience as well.

Importance of CISSP Certification

With a 25-year track record of assessing candidates’ competencies and consistently delivering unparalleled talents, Get CISSP Certification and enjoy worldwide recognition, and hold significant value. With the high demand for CISSP-certified candidates, the certification is very important. Here, we have enlisted a few perks for you:

  • Allows to achieve heights in career: Besides the high demand for CISSP-certified individuals, indicates the shortage of more than 2.9 million qualified individuals. Candidates can get easy access to the positions with the certification while also expanding their career aspirations. There is an opportunity to broaden the career base as the CISSP certification is available in a variety of fields, such as management, engineering, and architecture.
  • Increases earnings: With increased demand and proof of capabilities of the individual, the earnings are also high here. Annual earnings are approximately $131,030 for individuals with hands-on cybersecurity experience and good knowledge.
  • In-depth knowledge: Cybersecurity is vast but can be broken down into several fundamental concepts. Clarity in those is enough to help you confront all the cybercrimes. Keeping this in mind, the CISSP certification is neither too difficult nor too long. It covers knowledge of all aspects of information security and its contribution to organizational development.
  • Includes significant domains: The CISSP certification covers eight basic domains to enhance practical skills and knowledge. These are:
    • Security and risk management
    • Asset security
    • Security architecture and engineering
    • Communication and network security
    • Identity and access management (IAM)
    • Security assessment and testing
    • Security operations
    • Software development security
  • Certification from the best: CISSP certification is curated with intensive research to judge the ability of candidates. Further, it is the first certification to meet the strict requirements of the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standard. It also meets various other significant standards like U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 8570 IAM Level II/III, IASAE Level I/II, and IAT Level III.
  • Expands the eligibility: The CISSP certification is also a prerequisite for ISSAP and ISSEP certifications, another exclusive certification accredited by DoD 8570 at IASAE Level III. Further, it is also the prerequisite of the Australian Government Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). Thus, CISSP certification opens pathways to enhance the career.
  • Earns membership to the largest association: Clearing the CISSP certification offers membership to , which is a growing community of 1,40,000 members. It opens access to professional development courses and encourages continuous professional education via global events and technical webinars. Moreover, there are member perks available as well.
  • Demonstrates the work experience: The CISSP certification in itself is proof of experience through its eligibility criteria. The candidates are required to possess at least five years of cumulative paid work experience. Thus, the certification showcases both work experience and knowledge deeming the candidate as a certified professional in the field.

How to Earn CISSP Certification?

The CISSP certification primarily requires meeting the eligibility criteria of five years of work experience. If the candidate possesses one, they can proceed to the next steps. It is to prepare for the examination through any preferred modes among the numerous options, such as self-study, online learning, and via the authorized partners of .

Once prepared, go on to fill out the examination form and pay the fees. Qualify it with a passing percentage of 70% and have yourself endorsed by another ISC professional. Further, the annual maintenance fee is required to begin the membership cycle. Candidates are also required to earn CPE credits to keep their certificates valid. Complete these steps to get CISSP certification.

Final Thoughts

Individuals interested in a cybersecurity career must seek and capture opportunities to prove their skills and experience. Get CISSP Certification as it is one of the most preferred choices due to its positive impact on careers globally. The individuals must go through the details of the exam and decide accordingly to appear for the exam. Considering the guidance, the authorized training partners offer it properly, along with the mentorship to get CISSP certification.

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