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Probate and Fraud: Safeguarding Estates from Deceptive Practices

processing and administration of their will and estate

Probate is the name of the process which occurs after a person dies. It’s concerned with the processing and administration of their will and estate. Unfortunately, there are various methods of fraud which can interfere with the probate process, which is why it’s vital for individuals to take preventative measures ahead of time, safeguarding their estates, assets, and heirs from these deceptive practices.

Understanding Probate

Probate can seem like a complex process at first, but it’s relatively simple. When a person dies, their assets will typically be reviewed by a probate court, and the court will determine how those assets should be divided and distributed among the deceased person’s heirs and beneficiaries. It’s aimed at ensuring that the person’s assets are divided fairly, in accordance with their wishes.

As long as the person left a will, the process is quite straightforward. The court will simply review the will, ensure that it is authentic and valid, and then grant legal power to the will’s executor to complete the probate process and finalize the distribution of assets among the deceased individual’s named beneficiaries.

When there isn’t a will, the process can be much more drawn-out and complex, and the deceased person’s assets will need to be distributed in accordance with state laws. This will usually involve the appointment of an administrator to take charge of the estate and serve as an executor, finding any legal heirs and then letting the court decide how the assets are divided.

Types of Fraud in Probate

There are various ways in which people may try to fraudulently interfere with or impact the results of the probate process:

  • Identity theft and impersonation – A common method of fraud is for people to steal the identities of beneficiaries or otherwise impersonate them in order to try to receive some of the deceased’s estate and assets. This can involve falsified documents and complex processes of identity theft.
  • Forgery and falsification of documents – Wills and other legal documents related to a person’s estate may also be forged or falsified. There have been many cases in which people have created fake wills for deceased relatives in order to obtain a greater share of their assets.
  • Undue influence and manipulation – There are also cases in which people attempt to manipulate or influence those involved in the probate process. An example could be an individual manipulating an elderly relative into making adjustments to their will or someone using their power and status to try to influence the outcome of a probate court’s decision.
  • Asset misappropriation and embezzlement – In some cases, the deceased’s assets may even be misappropriated or embezzled. This can be make it very difficult for probate courts and executors to fairly distribute a deceased person’s estate, as the relevant assets may not be accessible.

Safeguarding Techniques and Best Practices

Fortunately, there are steps that people can take to safeguard against these fraudulent practices:

  • Due diligence in selecting executors and trustees – When preparing one’s will and managing one’s estate, it’s crucial to appoint the most appropriate and trustworthy executors and trustees. This should help to reduce the risk of any fraudulent manipulation, falsifying of documents, or other fraudulent behaviors.
  • Ensuring secure storage and access to important documents – All important documents related to the estate should be safeguarded with the highest levels of care and protection. Wills, for example, can be kept in secure locations, like a safe or even a safety deposit box at the bank, depending on the laws in your state.
  • Regular monitoring of financial accounts and transactions – Individuals are also encouraged to keep a close eye on their various accounts and transactions. Often, fraudulent activities begin before a person dies, with individuals trying to manipulate their accounts or move money around without permission.
  • Engaging legal professionals for estate planning and administration – Estate planning is a complex process, and it’s easy to make mistakes or leave little loopholes that fraudsters could exploit. It’s best to work with trusted legal professionals, like a Las Vegas probate attorney for all relevant estate planning and probate matters.

What Are Legal Remedies and Recourse?

If you suspect or have knowledge of a case of probate fraud, there are steps you can take to get help and obtain justice. The first step is to report suspected fraud to the appropriate authorities as soon as you become aware of it. After that, it’s wise to contact a trusted fraud attorney who will be able to help you in your case.

With an attorney on your side, it should become much easier to pursue fraudsters, take them to court, and pursue any and all necessary civil litigation measures to recover lost assets and obtain restitution, either for yourself or any other affected victims of the fraud. As for the offenders, they may face a range of criminal charges and penalties, as decided by the justice system. However, it is important to recognize that not all accusations of fraud are accurate, and innocent individuals may find themselves wrongfully accused. In such cases, it becomes crucial to have a skilled fraud attorney by your side to protect your rights and defend against false allegations.


The loss of a loved one is a very stressful and difficult situation for those concerned, and it can be made so much worse by fraudulent interventions in the probate process. To avoid any unnecessary risks and challenges, consult with the appropriate attorneys and take safeguarding steps for your estate.

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