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Modification Trends on Custom Cars for 2023

Modification Trends on Custom Cars for 2023

More and more car customizers are on the hunt for new concepts and ideas to integrate into their car rides. If you are one of those active custom car owners who wish to modify your vehicle, we gathered some of the modification trends you can consider today.

Flush-Mounted Glass

Flush-mounted glass refers to a type of custom car modification in which the windows or windshields of the vehicle are installed so that they are flush with the body of the car. This gives the car a sleek, streamlined look and can improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

By eliminating the gap between the body of the car and the windows, flush-mounted glass can help to reduce drag and improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Painted Carbon Fiber

Painted carbon fiber is a type of automotive modification that involves painting the carbon fiber parts of a car, typically the body panels or trim pieces.

Carbon fiber is a strong, lightweight material that is commonly used in high-performance vehicles and racing applications, but it typically has a distinctive woven appearance that may not appeal to all tastes.

By painting the carbon fiber parts, custom car owners can match the color of their car or create a unique look that reflects their personal style. It also can give a car a sleek, modern look that sets it apart from other vehicles.

Forged Wheels

Forged wheels are a type of custom wheel used in the automotive industry. They are created using a process called “forging,” in which the metal is shaped under high pressure to create a dense, strong, and lightweight wheel.

Forged wheels offered by Niche are commonly used in high-performance and racing applications because they offer improved strength and durability compared to cast wheels, which are formed using a mold.

On top of that, because forged wheels are stronger and more resistant to damage, they are less likely to crack or bend over time, even under the stress of high-performance driving.

Distressed leather

The use of distressed leather in cars has become a trend for a few reasons. For example, distressed leather can give a car’s interior a classic, stylish look that is warm and inviting. It can add a touch of character and individuality to the vehicle, making it stand out from the crowd.

What’s more, they are typically more comfortable than new, unbroken-in leather because it has a softer feel and less resistance to movement. Also, cars with high-quality distressed leather interiors can be more valuable than those with standard materials.

Belly Pans

Belly pans, also known as undertray, are becoming a popular trend in cars. They help streamline the underbody of a car, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency. Also, belly pans protect the car’s underbody components from debris, rocks, and other obstacles on the road.

The use of belly pans in cars is a growing trend due to the combination of improved aerodynamics, increased protection, enhanced appearance, and weight reduction benefits.

Which of these modification trends are you going to incorporate in your custom car?

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