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Mitre Saws: Tips For Safe Use

Mitre Saws

Mishaps with power tools like mitre saws are among the most common workplace injuries. To prevent loss of limb or similar unfortunate accidents, you need to operate your mitre saw with the utmost care and attention.

Whether you’re using this efficient power tool at work or for an at-home DIY project, there are some essential mitre saw safety tips you should never ignore.

Be familiar with the saw

Understanding how to use a mitre saw and getting familiar with the mechanics before you start using it will help keep you safe. Models such as the Milwaukee track saw deliver high performances at high speeds and powers, so get to grips with the basics.

You should also make sure that everything is in working order before you put it to task. The last thing you need is to start sawing, only to find a screw is loose or a piece missing.

Keep a safe distance

One of the most important rules to remember when using a mitre saw is to keep your hands six inches away from the blade at all times. Getting your hands or fingers trapped between the spinning blade can cause some serious damage so you need to be vigilant at all times during use.

Never take your eyes off your work and use two hands to give yourself maximum control of the mitre saw. Even if you’re a professional, many distractions in your environment can divert your attention and lead to an accident. You can increase safety by wearing appropriate PPE too.

Only raise when the blade stops

Remember, you should absolutely never raise the blade of your mitre saw until it has come to a complete stop. A spinning blade moving through the air is a safety hazard to be aware of. A good rule of thumb is that if a saw is stationary or embedded in the wood, it’s not cutting your hand.

The same rule applies when reaching behind, over or under the saw until the blade has stopped turning and the power disconnected.

Keep it unplugged when not in use

When your mitre saw is not in use, be sure to unplug it from mains electricity. Not only can this save you some pennies on energy expenses, but it prevents avoidable accidents from occurring.

This is particularly important if you have a workshop at home and there is a risk of somebody without the right training wandering in.

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