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Maximising Space and Water Storage: The Advantages of Under Deck Tanks for Sustainable Living

Under Deck Tanks for Sustainable Living

A wide range of innovative solutions have emerged on the market for individuals and businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint and embrace sustainable living. Among these solutions, under deck tanks for sustainable living have received a lot of attention. These tanks can store large amounts of rainwater and are flat enough to fit beneath decks. As under deck tanks offer many benefits, let’s explore these in greater detail.

Under deck tanks play an important role in sustainable water management, allowing us to conserve precious water reserves for various purposes as part of a rainwater harvesting system. By utilising rainwater for irrigation, vehicle washing and even toilet flushing when integrated into the plumbing system, we can reduce the strain on traditional freshwater resources, promoting self-sufficiency and lowering our water bills.

Another great benefit of under deck tanks is their water supply in areas prone to wildfires as the stored water can be used in emergencies, making them an invaluable asset in firefighting operations to quickly suppress the flames, thus potentially protecting properties and saving lives without having to rely on hydrants and mains water sources solely.

Furthermore, under deck tanks offer practical solutions for preventing drainage issues and reducing the risk of flooding during heavy rainfall or stormy weather conditions. Accordingly, they can channel and store surplus water, safeguarding our homes, farms and communities from potential flooding. Thus, installing under deck tanks as a water management strategy relieves the strain on public drainage systems, leading to a more resilient and sustainable future.

Under deck tanks are available in a variety of options and typically have capacities ranging from 2,000-5,000 litres to provide plenty of water storage capacity. They are composed of UV-stabilised and food-grade plastic to maintain the quality of the rainwater and are completely enclosed to prevent pests and mosquitoes from entering and contaminating the water, ensuring it stays secure and hygienic.

One of the most significant advantages under deck tanks offer is their ability to blend into their surroundings seamlessly. Therefore, they are especially popular with individuals who do not want to compromise on their real estate’s aesthetics. Strategically hidden underneath decks or elevated platforms, under deck tanks preserve the overall beauty of the house or land, allowing property owners to enjoy their outside spaces without visual interference.

Installing a traditional water tank can be difficult in a small backyard, but under deck tanks have been designed to maximise water storage in limited space. They are very flexible and versatile in their installation process and can be tailored to fit the available area beneath the deck, making them suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

In situations where the capacity of a single under deck tank is not sufficient enough to meet the storage requirements, it can be joined together with another one to provide a larger reserve. Increasing the overall storage capacity by connecting multiple tanks is a common practice for various purposes, for example, irrigation or firefighting.

Under deck tanks provide numerous advantages for sustainable living with their potential to store rainwater, promote self-sufficiency and lessen the reliance on mains water. Their discreet design allows them to integrate effortlessly into outside spaces whilst preserving the visual appeal of the property. Furthermore, they support water management systems by draining surplus water during storms or offering instant water supply in case of fire emergencies. They are a practical and eco-friendly solution, and by incorporating under deck tanks in our sustainable living practices, we can take a significant step towards a more environmentally friendly and resilient future.

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