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Key Things You Need to Know About Rear House Extensions

Key Things You Need to Know About Rear House Extensions

Building a rear house extension can be a great way to add value to your home even if the reason for it is to add more useful and functional space and amenities. However, it is not always easy to go about rear house extensions. They require good planning and it is often best to work with the best professionals to be sure of an excellent result.

Here are some of the key things that you need to know about building rear house extensions:

What is a rear house extension?

A rear house extension is an addition to your existing house that extends into an existing garden or patio area. And as the name suggests, the extension is built at the back of your property, as opposed to the front, or even to the upper part of the house as may be the case sometimes.

Homeowners may build rear house extensions to create conservatories, home offices or other areas. This way, they add more value to their property and make it more functional to meet the homeowner’s needs. People’s needs often change over time after they move into their homes.

What are the benefits of building rear house extensions?

Many homeowners in the UK opt to build rear house extensions and they have become quite popular. Here are some of the benefits of constructing a rear extension to your home:

  • It improves the liveability of the house: a rear house extension can help to make a home more functional and have a better flow. For instance, you can build a hobby room, a gym, or even a space to entertain guests by constructing an extension at the back part of your house.
  • It adds value to your property: when you build a rear house extension you can increase the value of your property, especially if you plan to sell it in the future. Some experts say that the value of a house can be increased by as much as 20% by adding a rear extension.
  • It can allow you to personalise your property: if you bought an existing house, and didn’t have much say on the design and to have your preferences factored in, constructing a rear house extension can allow you to personalise your home. You can have it constructed following your preferred design, materials, and finishes to suit your specific needs giving you more satisfaction with your home.
  • It is a more cost-effective option than moving: where house owners may be considering moving homes to find better properties that better meet their needs, building rear house extensions can be a more cost-effective option. It can help to save removal costs, legal fees and stamp duty, to mention a few as well as being less stressful.

Why hire professionals when building a rear house extension?

If you want to build a rear house extension, you should consider hiring professional architects such as Humphreysandsons, who are experts in building extensions in London and Essex and the surrounding areas. Here are some of the reasons to hire architects for your rear house extension project:

To help design an extension that suits your needs

Extension architects have the requisite expertise to design rear house extensions that meet your unique needs and match your preferences while ensuring they comply with the applicable requirements and regulations.

To advise on planning permission

There may be confusion when it comes to regulations related to building extensions, which makes it necessary to have an architect advising you on planning permission or if there’s a need to get approval from the local authorities under your area’s regulations. In the worst-case scenario, you could find yourself paying hefty fines or being forced to demolish any additional building at your cost.

To save costs and avoid loses

You can hire a professional extension architect. Decus are luxury architects in Sydney and you can be sure you have someone who can foresee issues before they arise. For example, they can pick up on unforeseen structural problems or planning permission issues and take corrective measures in time saving you losses. Also, architects help to choose the best material and minimise wastage helping to cut costs.

To handle the project management aspect

Construction projects, including building rear house extensions can be complex undertakings and require the project management skills that the best architects possess. These professionals can act as your project manager and see to it the extension is completed within the allocated budget, on time and to the high standards you will expect. Architects may also work hand in hand with contractors and other experts for the smooth implementation of the project.

What are some mistakes to avoid when building rear house extensions?

As you embark on constructing your rear house extension, you need to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Lack of proper budgeting
  • Failure to get the relevant building regulations approval or consider the planning permission
  • Not hiring professionals such as architects, contractors, etc.
  • Not considering the impact of your rear house extension on the neighbours and the immediate environment.


Constructing rear house extensions in the UK and other places can help to improve the liveability of your house and make it fetch a better value when you’re selling it. It is vital to hire professional architects when building your extension and consider all the relevant regulations in your locality to avoid being on the wrong side of the law resulting in fines or be forced to demolish.

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