Home HEALTH Is NovoClinical EHR A Match For Ambra Health Software?

Is NovoClinical EHR A Match For Ambra Health Software?

Is NovoClinical EHR A Match For Ambra Health Software

 We usually encounter medical providers asking for a system that ideally supports their radiology needs. One of the best solutions to consider in this regard is Ambra Health. It is a clinically robust solution that offers out-of-the-box strategies to shape imaging workflows and medical data management. Some providers confuse it with traditional EHR solutions, and we will break down this misconception by comparing it with NovoClinical, a go-to EHR software.

Let’s dig deeper now.

Do Ambra Health And NovoClinical EHR Software Work Alike?

Ambra Health Software  

Ambra Health EHR is a Saas-based suite of medical imaging management solutions. It is an unheard-of solution because it is not your typical healthcare partner. This unique solution is widely implemented by larger-grade care organizations dealing in complex patient cases to conduct better diagnoses. Ambra Health software is scalable, interoperable, configurable and innovative. It is the backbone of radiology practices and many other sub-specialties and clinical research centers.

Ambra Health software is an enterprise imaging management solution that dramatically improves collaborative care and imaging workflows. It has recently become a part of Interlans, and combined, both vendors help organizations excel at care delivery. The exciting part is that this resilient solution has won the best KLAS award for image exchange for eight years in a row now. It proves its efficiency and reveals how implementing it adds value to the care centers, equipping them with tech-driven insights.

Now let’s have a look at the basics of Novo Clinical.

NovoClinical EHR Software 

NovoClinical is nothing like Ambra Health. It is an integrated EHR with a practice management solution, not an imaging management platform. The NovoClinical EHR is a cloud-based solution rich in scheduling, medical billing, reporting and document management functionalities. This innovative healthcare platform offers integration with labs and pharmacies to fasten the care delivery process. Leveraging it, small to large-scale practices can instant access to patient health records from anywhere, anytime.

The NovoClinical EMR is the way forward for many healthcare facilities equipping them with intact functionalities. For instance, it packs customizable templates, offers insurance eligibility verification services, provides a comprehensive outlook of patient demographic information etc. In modern times, Novo Clinical works as a single database for all clinical operations with built-in features like paperless faxing, telehealth and test orders.

The Commonalities Amongst The Two

Novo Clinical and Ambra Health have one thing in common, and that is: 

Image Uploading 

Allowing for uploading medical images to patient charts is what NovoClinical EHR is good at. It enables care professionals to capture, upload and annotate images directly into the patient charts. It enhances the credibility of patient records allowing NovoClinical EMR users to deliver optimized care. This is the only imaging-related spec NovoClinical EHR software encompasses to let practitioners have the best of both worlds.

Patient Portal: 

Both NovoClinical EHR software and Ambra Health software pack an engaging patient portal. Ambra Health features a realistic patient portal to directly upload the imaging results so patients can effortlessly access their radiology reports and more. As for NovoClinical, its patient portal is more comprehensive, providing patients with data access and the ability to pay online and schedule appointments. Patients can even benefit from the education resources available on the portal of NovoClinical EHR.

Learning How Good Of A Solution Ambra Health Is

As NovoClinical EHR is not a medical data and image management platform, it’s better to get it out of the picture. Now we will explicitly focus on how Ambra Health nurtures the best-of-all patient experience offering intuitive solutions pertinent to the success of healthcare organizations.

The Features

Features of Ambra Health captivate the users by showcasing its true potential. Through its features, Ambra Health reveals how it can extend the capabilities of medical practices with a flick of the fingers. Its new partnership with Interlans has added to its feature portfolio. This collaboration has led to a new era of radiology pathways and research gateways. Ambra Health features best-in-class:

  • Image Exchange Functionality
  • Cloud-based VNA
  • Cloud PACS
  • ProViewer
  • Patient Portal
  • Workflow Configuration

You can view these specs up close by setting up a demo with Ambra Health. In its exclusive demo tutorial, Ambra Health reveals how it shapes the care spectrum by supporting secured imaging recording and transfer. Through the Ambra Health EMR demo, you can gain insights into how it supports interoperability for the good of patient care. So, set up a demonstration to finely evaluate the features and further intrinsic characteristics of Ambra Health.

The Reviews

Ambra Health is indeed a futuristic software care providers look up to. When it comes to the reviews, Ambra Health aces it by scoring a 4.38-star rating based on 360 user testimonials on Software Advice. Whether its ease-of-use, value of money, customer service or features, this intact solution scores above-average ratings for all. As per the reviews, the carers highly appreciate the diagnostic viewer of Ambra Health, for it adds to their productivity.

The users reveal it not just makes access to medical records easy but adds accuracy to them. The control Ambra Health gives patients over their care records is also praised in the reviews. All the factors of this imaging platform are outstanding. The radiology departments of care organizations love this solution because it makes their life easier, taking the hassle out of complex imaging workflows.

The Pricing

The pricing details of Ambra Health are not disclosed publicly. You can get hands on the pricing information of Ambra Health by sending a request or directly contacting the vendor. As the pricing structure of Ambra Health is not disclosed, we can’t judge if it’s cost-effective or not. You must acquire the pricing info before deciding to implement Ambra Health as the productivity booster to shape your patient care spectrum.

NovoClinical EHR Software vs Ambra Health EHR Software

It’s clear to you that there is no decision between any EHR platform and Ambra Health. Whether it’s NovoClinical or some other EMR, Ambra Health is irreplaceable with its pack of unprecedented functionalities. It is a solid care platform that integrates with any existing EHR solution its clients use. Ambra Health is like an add-on that boosts the probability of clinical scalability and stability by scoring optimized care outcomes.


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