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Interactive Technology for a Trade Show

Interactive Technology for trade show

Technology is definitely something that is highly prevalent in the lives of many people nowadays. We find evidence of technology everywhere we look; from our cellphones to grocery stores. With technology being involved in our everyday lives, it makes sense that it has taken over the marketing side of business in a lot of ways. It is so smart to utilize something so advanced as technology to be able to promote your business and hopefully bring in more revenue for you. An amazing way to gain exposure is through trade show events. More and more it is becoming common to use interactive technology to help enhance your showcase at one of these events. When many people’s communication medium is technology, wouldn’t it just make sense to communicate the way people are already interacting with each other? Interactive technology in your trade booth is the next big step in the way people are choosing to market their business.

Technology Stands Out – And That’s Good!

In a sea of many other businesses trying to promote their own goods, the last thing you want to do is blend in and not gain any exposure. You already put in all the work to be here so you will want to get everything out of it that you possibly can. Making an event like this successful requires people to be constantly engaged at your booth. And what better way to do that than to speak the people’s language? That will happen by using technology to enhance your booth. Within a 10 x 10 trade show booth, there is plenty of opportunity to integrate technology to help make sure your booth stands out.

Available Technology to Consider

While there are a lot of advancements in technology, there are still some aspects that are not quite feasible for a trade show environment. However, there is interactive technology that is available to consider that can enhance your booth during this experience. Some of that interactive tech could include:

  • Touch Screen ipads and tables – The ability to be able to engage with an ipad or touch a table that moves to different screens or asks questions about the business can keep guests entertained while giving them information about your company.
  • 3-D printers – These printers can be really fun to watch and can also demonstrate what a product looks like. This can give the guests an opportunity to see products up close and be able to examine them, which is an enticing feature.
  • Kiosks – Another way to digitally engage with a booth is through a kiosk equipped with touch screen software, in which guests can play games, navigate through products, or watch videos, all pertaining to your business and its products or services.

Remembering You Through Technology

Once guests leave a trade show event, your goal is to try to make sure that they remember you. These events are not just about selling but about making an impression that leaves them wanting more. By having interactive technology and eye-catching custom rental displays in your booth, it will make it easy for potential clients to segway into technology to keep in touch with you and your company. They will be finding your website and interacting with you through technology – a way they were already able to connect with you when you were together at a tradeshow. Interactive technology and custom rental displays can bring an added flare to your booth and really connect with those that already view technology as a second language. Your goal is to be remembered and a combination of technology and visual appeal just might be the way to make sure that happens.

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