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How to stay warm and healthy through winter

How to stay warm and healthy through winter

Winter can feel like a tricky time when it comes to your health. No matter your age, it’s likely that your body needs to work much harder to keep you warm and healthy too.

Living in the UK is particularly hard in winter, with a lack of sunlight and low temperatures only part of the challenge. Through the current cost-of-living crisis, families struggle to afford necessities and cover the cost of heating bills too. It’s always worth knowing how to safeguard your health through this time of year.

How to promote winter wellness for you and your family

Protect your own health

Staying free of illness through winter means you can get on with your daily routine instead of battling unpleasant symptoms through the season. Common winter illnesses like flu can make you feel seriously unwell, and certain people are more at risk than others too.

Some of the most vulnerable groups include:

  • Anyone aged over 65 years old,
  • Babies and young children under 5 years old,
  • Those living with a disability
  • Those with a chronic physical or mental health condition
  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone on a low income

If you’re part of a more vulnerable group of people, it’s essential to do everything within your power to keep well. Getting vaccinated against some of the most common illnesses is one of the best ways to protect your health. While you can, in theory, still catch something you’ve been vaccinated against, you’ll be much less likely to get seriously ill.

Heat your home

Many of us face the challenging predicament of sky-high energy prices this winter. Using the heating may feel like a luxury, especially for anyone on a low income. However, with the right steps, it’s possible to heat your home in a cost-effective way.

Aim to stay comfortably warm, especially at night. If you can control the settings on your heaters or radiators, it could be more economical to focus on heating the rooms that you spend the most time in. Blankets, water bottles and heated throws can keep you warm during the daytime too, but you might need that extra boost at night to keep comfortable.

Look out for others

From members of your family to neighbours and work colleagues, it’s important to keep an eye on the people around you. For elderly people and young children, something as simple as a common cold could cause weeks’ worth of suffering.

In severe cases, infections left untreated may deteriorate and develop into dangerous health conditions like pneumonia or sepsis. If someone close to you has experienced a health decline after negligent treatment from health services, it could be worth supporting them to seek consultation with specialist personal injury solicitors.

Layer up outside

It’s a good idea to keep active during winter: doing so will not only help your circulatory system but moving your body will boost your energy levels and your mood, too. Just don’t forget that driving in winter can be dangerous, so it’s always worth checking out some tips for driving safely in snow.

Don’t forget to layer up. Wear a soft, breathable base layer underneath your fleece and jackets, and don’t forget those important outer accessories like a hat, scarf, and a pair of insulated gloves if you’re spending a long time outside.

Winter presents different challenges for everyone. If you’re struggling to cope or want to support someone in your community, make sure that you’ve got the most essential resources first. Don’t hesitate to contact your GP or someone you trust if you’ve been feeling poorly.

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