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How to Smoke Wax Without a Rig – 5 Methods

How to Smoke Wax Without a Rig

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to smoke wax without a rig. Dab rigs are quite handy but can get expensive at times. Most people either have rigs by their side or ask their mate for one. You will only spend money on a rig if you smoke concentrates regularly. However, there are ways you can still enjoy a smoke without a rig.

There are many easy and cheap alternatives to rigs, such as hot knives, butter knives, dab pens and pen sandwiches. Then there are glass bowls, joints, health stones and bogs. Each alternative provides you with a different level of satisfaction – and the experience for each person is different.

You can also enjoy edible items if you know how to use them smartly. However, each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. We would strictly suggest you not use car lighters, stoves and metal foils because of a number of reasons. The risks associated with such items are quite high and avoiding such situations is best.

Let us have a look at a few good options available to us to find out the one that suits you the best.

  • Joints: You can add concentrates around the outside of your joint the way you like. Concentrates can also be rolled inside the joint and the whole process is quite manageable. You will learn to spread the concentrates with time and are bound to get high in the first few attempts. If your concentrates drip too often, try a different option.
  • Vape pens: Vape pens are quite cost-effective and are easily available at vape shops. In fact, they are cheaper than rigs and are also portable. The efficiency of vape pens is high and they are more reliable than joints because of their consistency. There are a bunch of vape pens available in the market, so go for one with reviews that suit your current lifestyle.
  • Hot knives: Butter knives can be heated using small torches or a stovetop. The temperature of the knife is crucial. For a better experience, use a plastic bottle to suck up the smoke. Heating the knives and dropping the concentrates – all by yourself – can become a tedious ask. A helping hand is always welcome while setting up the knife for the evening.
  • Eating concentrates: Eating the concentrates directly gets you high. But before consuming the concentrates, you should heat them up to decarboxylate them. Consume only small amounts initially, and only increase the amount the next time you decide to have a vape. You don’t necessarily need a weed vaporizer with this method.
  • Glass bowl or bong: Loading a bowl up is followed by topping the herb with wax. This method is quite easy and avoids you the stress associated with most other methods and alternatives. Having the right quantity of herbs helps you get a better high and a better overall experience. Avoid bringing the lighter too close and let the concentrates melt into the herb.

Safety is the most important aspect when it comes to smoking wax. You don’t want to hurt yourself or have wax on your mouth at the end of the session. Using the right items and the correct dosage of each would definitely help you more. Start with a small amount and go slow as you increase the dosage or intensity.

Avoid mixing drugs with your wax. You should also acquire as much information as you can about your concentrates and other edibles. Smoking on a non-regular basis also makes it more enjoyable and pleasurable in the long run. Buy products like weed vaporizers from credible vape shops to avoid any issues.

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