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How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone without Them Knowing

How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone without Them Knowing

Texting is arguably the most popular mode of communicating via cellular devices. Statistics show that 88% of individuals primarily use their mobile phones to text. Although sending text messages is both convenient and cost-effective in the long run, some people might use this avenue to cheat on their spouses or share inappropriate content.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing.

Reasons Why You Should Read People’s Text Messages Secretly

There are several reasons that could prompt you to go through someone else’s text messages. These include:

To protect your kids from harassment or bullying

Parental supervision is an essential facet of a child’s healthy upbringing. Viewing your kids’ text messages will help you discover whether they’re getting bullied in school or harassed by strangers online.

To catch a cheating partner

If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, going through his messages will help you gather ample evidence of his infidelity. Some apparent signs of cheating include drastic wardrobe changes and frequent white lies.

To ensure your loved ones are safe

Human beings are hardwired to protect those close to them. A critical part of keeping them safe involves reading their text messages and tracking their phones to ensure they’re not in any immediate danger.

To protect your parents from scammers

Our guardians could easily fall prey to fraudulent financial operations such as pyramid schemes and sports betting, thrusting them into a cycle of debt. By reading their messages discreetly, you’ll always be one step ahead and nip any potential scamming incident in the bud.

Accessing text messages from another phone can easily be achieved using a special monitoring app. Using tracking software, like mSpy, is actually a great solution because such apps come with a plethora of additional spying features, and they work in stealth mode. In addition, they’re remarkably easy to install. But first you need to know if it is mspy legit.

Effective Methods to Read Someone’s Text Messages

You might be wondering: can I see someone’s text messages without their phone? Well, there are several techniques that can help you achieve this feat.

Here are three handy methods for viewing people’s text messages:

1.   Read Messages with mSpy

mSpy is a unique tracking software that contains an assortment of text message monitoring features, making it the most reliable way to spy on your loved ones’ texts.

Some of its most useful features include:

  • SMS Monitor. You can check out everyone who texted the target user as well as their chat messages via mSpy. If they send a photo, you’ll also be able to view that remotely. This feature essentially provides a birds-eye view of their sent and received text messages.
  • Screenrecorder. mSpy is equipped with a powerful screen recorder that takes screenshots of the target device at regular intervals and stores them in your vault. This way, you’ll view all messages that your loved one sends, receives, and deletes.

Installing mSpy is delightfully easy and only takes five minutes. This app runs in invisible mode to prevent raising your target’s suspicion.

To install mSpy, simply head to https://www.mspy.com/ and click “Try Now.” Once you’ve created an account, choose your preferred plan and follow the prompt to complete payment. The smart wizard will then guide you on how to install this app on the target device.

2.   Try iCloud

iCloud is a smart storage solution designed exclusively for Apple users. You can gain access to someone’s iMessages by logging into their iCloud account. However, the target needs to have an active iCloud account, and you must be aware of their login credentials.

Unfortunately, this method is only possible when both devices are synced. It’s also quite easy for the target user to realize that they’re being tracked.

3.   SMS Forwarding

Another unique technique you can use to check texts from another phone involves forwarding the target user’s messages to your own device. To start, simply grab the target iPhone and go to Settings. Click on “Messages” and tap the “Text Message Forwarding” option.

Once you’ve forwarded their texts to your own device, you won’t have to worry about getting caught reading their messages. You don’t need to use any monitoring software for this method to succeed. However, you’ll need physical access to the target device in order to adjust the settings.

This method is also visible, making it unsuitable for remote spying.

Final Thoughts

Using a discreet app to read people’s text messages is probably the best spying solution today. However, the app you choose matters a great deal. After conducting plenty of tests, we’ve found mSpy to be one of the best text message monitoring apps in the market.

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