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How to properly store and secure your firearms at home

How to properly store and secure your firearms at home

Building customized guns with lower jigs and having firearms in your home requires extreme caution and carefulness. Depending on the laws in your area, it is unlawful to keep firearms in places within reach of an underage. If an accident occurs because of this, the penalty is usually grievous.

As such, if you are a firearm owner, your priority should be to learn how your gun can be kept safe, especially if you have children around. You can learn more from Hook & Barrel Magazine on your responsibilities as a firearm owner. However, continue reading to get information on how you can safely store your firearms in your home.

Get a Proper Gun Safe

One of the most common options used for securing firearms in the home is the use of a safe. Getting a gun safe is a worthy investment for any gun owner as it helps you not only to secure your gun from theft but also secures the people living within your home. All safes come with locks, and by customizing the locks to your own privacy, it will be hard for anyone to get to your gun without being granted access.

A good gun safe is usually theft-proof and fireproof, which means it can withstand any power tools in situations of burglary attempt. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about your gun fitting.

Depending on your budget, you can decide to go for advanced safes that are constructed with top-notch technological security system features like biometrics, facial recognition, radio frequency identification (RFID), and others. These features allow access only by you through your fingerprint, eye contact, card readers, and so on.

Keep it Beyond Children’s Reach

Children are known to be quite inquisitive and have a flair for exploring, especially within the home. Hence, it is necessary that firearms are kept in places beyond their reach to avoid firearm accidents that can lead to possible damage to properties or even life.

A good place that may be beyond the reach of your children is on top of a shelf or behind a heavy drawer. This will allow you quick access to your gun in case of emergencies while ensuring no one else gets to it.

Please don’t underestimate the ability of your children or underage living within your home to be ignorant concerning firearms or that they don’t know where these firearms are kept. Places like your closet, under your bed, or inside your bedroom drawer should never be an option for you. You must also endeavor to uncock and unload your gun before storing it.

Securing in Places within Plain Sight

Most times, the visible areas that look neutral are places you can actually secure your guns. If you don’t have enough money to get a proper safe, you can use clever spots like behind your clocks, picture frames, and mirrors.

However, to do this, you may have to create a little opening on your walls where these gadgets are placed. You can customize your wall with a small compartment and use any of these gadgets to cover them.

You can also place it behind bookshelves or similar furniture with hidden concealment.

This option may only be considered if there are no children within your home. If there are, then it’s best you keep your firearms in places far from their reach.

Where Firearms Can Be Kept For a Tactical Advantage?

In case you live in an area where burglary or illegal intrusion is high, you may need to keep your firearms in places where you can easily reach for them. If there are no children within your home, you can keep your gun in your master bedroom in a fast box or safe underneath your bed.

A fast box or gun safe kept under your bed will allow you to access your firearms easily in case of emergencies that happen at night. Another clever spot could be your kitchen pantry. You can place a small gun cabinet in your kitchen where you can easily reach your gun in the daytime when there’s an invasion.

If you own multiple firearms, you can also keep one in a closet at the back of your front door in case someone attempts to pick your main lock or doesn’t respond to the security questions you ask.

There’s no excuse for the reason for careless handling of firearms. With recent advancements in technology, there are many options available to gun owners on proper ways to secure their guns. Regardless of your financial state, there’s a storage method suitable for you. It is now left for you to take responsibility and make sure your guns are properly kept.

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