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How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Hallway

Your Hallway

With the festive season nearly here, whether you’re hosting a huge Christmas get-together on Christmas Day, or else you’re instead enjoying a more relaxed ‘open house’ vibe for Christmas and the New Year, you’ll naturally want your home to reflect who you are and make your loved ones feel relaxed and comfortable.

So, with this in mind, here’s how to make a good first impression with your hallway.

Introduce Indoor Plants

Nothing says welcoming more than a beautifully decorative, trailing plant in the hallway, and if you’re able to find one, a small, high-standing ornate table that you can place in the one corner to house the plant, all the better.

There’s a wide range of advantages to choosing to inject some indoor greenery into your home, including the following, to name just a few:

  • Cleaner and fresher air throughout the property
  • Plants are a natural humidifier
  • You should recover quicker from illnesses
  • Plants reduce levels of anxiety and stress

Install a Statement Light Fixture

Another excellent way of transforming the hallway space, whether it’s a narrow and more intimate corridor, or else a spacious area, is to create a focal point by investing in a statement lighting fixture.

Now, you could, of course, go down the ostentatious yet aesthetically impressive ceiling chandelier route, or instead, choose a modern, artsy design. Either way, replacing your old, tired and very average-looking fixtures and fittings with a flashier alternative will truly elevate the hallway.

Replace Tired Flooring

Even though, especially in the winter months, it can often seem as, without a carpet, the hallway and porch in your home will feel dark and cold, actually, the opposite is true.

Not only will a high-quality Quorn Stone floor help to keep the heat inside your home and act as an extra layer of insulation, but it will also provide the ideal base for underfloor heating, as well as allow you to benefit in the following ways:

  • It provides an impressively striking first impression as soon as the front door is opened
  • It’s a way to keep the space cool in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • It contributes to a higher overall property value
  • It’s a hygienic choice for people with allergies
  • There are unique patterns in each and every tile
  • It’s quick and easy to clean and maintain

Inject Bright & Bold Color

When it comes to your choice of paint and/or wallpaper for the hall, instead of going down the more traditional, neutral path, instead, take the plunge and choose a brand-new color scheme.

Obviously, nobody is saying you need to create an iridescent, rainbow effect down the sides of each wall, but choosing one base color, blue for example, and working in different shades and tones of blue in ornaments, artwork, and accessories will turn your hallway into an entirely new space.

A fabulous alternative to blue would be a green hallway color scheme, which will enhance the natural, earthy feel to the space and provide a congruent link between the outdoors and the inside of your home.

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