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How to Improve Your Retail Business from Your Employees Point of View

Improve Your Retail Business

It is likely that your employees will be able to put forward suggestions on how you can improve your retail business from their point of view. However, in order to get honest feedback, you either have to supply a suggestion box or find another way of making this anonymous.

Of course, this approach will only work if you have a lot of employees; but if you only have a few, you may find that they will be too scared to open up to offer criticism for fear of losing their jobs. In this case, you shall have to do the thinking yourself, but there are areas that you should most certainly concentrate on.

#1 Keeping your stores well organized

Endeavor to keep your store well organized. Although you may feel that this is very much the point of having employees, taking the initiative and setting out designated areas or procedures may have to come from you. Making your store look fantastic from your customer’s point of view is fun and easily maintainable. However, behind the scenes could be a different matter entirely.

Stock waiting to hit the shop floor, packaging, and general warehouse equipment all take up room, and this is where your attention is likely to be needed. Using Bale Ties to keep your unwanted packing stored neat and tidy while waiting to be recycled may reduce the likelihood of your cardboard bins becoming too full and overflowing. This will free up space in an otherwise limited area, which is located either in your yard or within your warehouse area.

Keeping this area clear will undoubtedly have a positive influence on your employees as they will be able to find stock faster and therefore be far more efficient in their job roles.

#2 Offer additional training

You should offer training to your employees. This training should, of course, be in customer service, but you should also make sure that they know how to use the equipment that they are provided with. As part of the quest to promote sales, they should be able to demonstrate any technical equipment that you have for sale.

This will undoubtedly fill your employees with confidence in their abilities and give your customers the impression that they know what they are talking about, inspiring further confidence within your business.

#3 Setting up a dedicated break area 

Although most large businesses tend to have designated break rooms for their employees, smaller businesses do not always provide this luxury. This can be due to the fact that there just isn’t enough space within the building. However, you should ensure that there is at least a couple of chairs and facilities where drinks can be made with the addition of a fridge, sink, and somewhere to store crockery and cutlery.

Relaxation on breaks is an important part of providing quality service. If your employees are not well rested within their break time, they may be less than happy or willing to provide the customer service that is required of them.


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