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How To Handle Truck Breakdowns On NSW Roads?

How To Handle Truck Breakdowns On NSW Roads

Cars are not the only vehicles that break down on roads. Regardless of size and power, trucks are also prone to equipment failure. However, the rules of dealing with a truck break are slightly different than handling broken-down cars.

Truck breakdowns are not only inconvenient for the driver but can also be frustrating for others. Imagine a truck breaking down suddenly amid a busy NSW street during rush hour. The chaos it would create is unimaginable.

Besides the inconvenience, a truck breakdown can result in dangerous driving conditions for other drivers and motorists on the road. So, it is crucial to handle truck breakdowns properly and arrange for a mobile truck mechanic as soon as the vehicle is shifted to the side of the road.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on managing truck breakdowns. In addition, it will inform you of all the necessary steps to resolve the situation safely.

Steps To Handle Truck Breakdown On NSW Roads

Pull Over To The Side

If the truck has broken down in the middle of the road, the best thing to do is to pull over to the side slowly and safely. Turn on your hazard lights and start pulling over to the side of the road. If it is winter and there is less visibility on the street, switch on the parking light and the hazard light.

Before pulling over the truck, look on each side to determine if it is safe. Then, you can start sidestepping all other cars to reach the side. Stay calm and alert to the surrounding. The NSW government recommends following these rules if you need to get out of your truck to assess the situation and alert other drivers:

  • Check the traffic condition before stepping out of the truck.
  • Try to get out on the side of the road that has the least amount of traffic.
  • Avoid crossing the road. If a safety barrier is nearby, stay behind it and get help.
  • If it is a tyre bust, do not start changing it in the middle of the road. Call a truck mechanic if the situation is out of your control rather than doing something reckless.

Once you get a clear road, slowly maneuver the vehicle to the breakdown lane or the roadside to avoid causing a traffic pileup.

Alert Other Drivers On The Road

This must be done while you are on the road or need to pull over to the side. However, alerting them does not mean getting down from the vehicle and waving your hands at other to let them know of your situation.

This is where visibility equipment like safety triangles will come in handy. Hazard lights and safety triangles will ensure that the other drivers know your presence on the road. As a result, they will redirect or maneuver their vehicles to avoid a collision.

Suppose the truck breaks down during severe weather conditions or at night. In that case, you can use flares, headlights, or reflective gear to stay safe and visible on the road and alert others of your presence.

Inspect The Cause of the Breakdown

Commonly electronic or mechanical malfunction is widely responsible for truck breakdowns. Before calling a mechanic, try to find out what is wrong with the vehicle and if you can fix it on your own.

If that is not the case, still poke around to get an idea of what went wrong before making the call to a professional. This will help you prepare well the next time you take the truck out on the road.

Contact Mobile Truck Mechanic For Help

After inspection, if you feel the need for professional help, call roadside assistance. Always keep the vehicle’s insurance details and mobile truck mechanics’ contact numbers to quickly resolve such situations.

When you call for truck repair, provide them with the location, vehicle details, and accurate description of the state of the truck. This will help them bring the right aid to help you.

Depending on the cause of the breakdown, the mechanic can either tow the truck to the garage or fix the problem on the road itself.

Final Takeaway

Handling truck breakdowns can be overwhelming. However, such situations can be resolved quickly with proper roadside assistance and capable truck mechanics.

On your part, it is essential to remember these tips and keep all the information handy. Preparedness and contact with an excellent heavy equipment maintenance company are all that you will need to repair the truck and get it back on the road after a breakdown.

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