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How To Fill Out Disability Forms To Get Approved

How To Fill Out Disability Forms To Get Approved

You can apply for social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits using two methods, encompassing:

  • Apply online
  • Fill out a paper application and submit it to the social security

Application for Disability Insurance Benefits Form SSA-16 is the primary form you’ll have to fill out if you use a paper application. While applying for SSDI online, answer the questions in an online interview, and social security will complete the form. However, in either case, acquainting yourself with some details to fill out the form is vital. Whether filing a paper application or applying online, engaging an experienced social security lawyer in Sacramento can be worthwhile, ensuring you appropriately mention the details in the application.

What A Disability Application Entails?

While Form SSA-16 isn’t lengthy, the information required on the form is vital for social security disability application. Since 26 questions are on the form, most of them comprise:

  • Your name, birthdate, address, and social security number (SSN)
  • Your immigration status
  • Your past employer’s name
  • Name of your spouse and children
  • Information that enables Social Security to examine if you’re eligible for other government benefits.
  • Remarks section
  • Places for you and two witnesses to sign
  • A section where you may enter your direct deposit information

Pointers To Assist You With Answering Various Questions On The Form!

Identifying Your Disability Onset Date:

If any car accident caused your disability, it might be a straightforward question for you to answer. However, if single or multiple disorders that have steadily exacerbated over time are the cause of your disability, probably the question will be complex. While you may not have endeavored to reminisce the date you became incapacitated, your disability date typically signifies when your medical issue began and prevented you from working efficiently, according to Social Security. Your disability attorney in Sacramento will guide you through these essential tips before filing the disability form. If you don’t remember when your disability started, consider asking your family members or employer or verifying your medical records.

Concise Summary Of Your Medical Condition:

Ensure your statements conspicuously and concisely define all your medical illnesses, including insights on how each inhibits your propensity to work. In a nutshell, articulating your diagnosis and its functional constraints induced by your medical condition is vital. Also, if you have degenerative disc disease, obtaining Social Security Disability for back concerns is challenging. Consider hiring an experienced SSI attorney in Sacramento to get your application approved.

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Providing Your Social Security About Your Disability Information:

While the previous disability form SSA-16 features questions about diseases, injuries, and illnesses that impede your work capacity, the updated disability form of SSA-16 doesn’t include this question. Using Form SSA-3368-BK, Social security now collects information about your disabilities, wherein you’ll be asked comprehensive questions concerning how your disability impairs your work capacity. These reports are now included in the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) application. If you submit a paper application, you must submit this additional documentation with your application form SSA-16. Both forms enable you to demonstrate how your medical condition prevents you from resuming work. However, there’s inadequate space to make a compelling case: barely room for a paragraph or two.

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