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How to care for window film: 5 simple rules

How to care for window film

Window film is an indispensable attribute for finishing windows to give the building thermal insulation properties and maintain privacy. Thanks to the addition of tinting components and the use of a multi-layer composite film, the effect of maximum impermeability of the window frame is achieved, and the glass itself receives outstanding light reflection properties in the range chosen by the buyer – from complete reflection of ultraviolet rays to their partial absorption and creation of a unique light balance. Direct sunlight will no longer interfere with your everyday life. Just go to shop window film and tinted facade is all you need. Model Solaris 979 installation will make daily life enveloped in a pleasant and soft home light.

How to clean windows properly. Window tint installing tips

To correctly install window film, be it window tinting or a specialized coating for refracting sunlight in a given wavelength range, you will first need to carefully wash the windows and wipe them dry. It is also recommended to engage qualified specialists to take measurements and give the window a standard shape before installing the window film. An expert engineer will be able to help you choose the specific type of window film to suit your individual needs. High-quality tinting for building windows requires careful attention to detail – the entire window area must be washed to a crystal shine, and the window frame must be pre-treated to ensure complete tightness of the overall structure. Also, a specialized specialist will be able to advise you, how to clean a window and prepare it for gluing window film of any format.

After the gluing process, it will take some time for all layers of film to harden – carefully monitor the condition of the new coating. There should be no bubbles left; there should be no empty spaces at the joints with the frame.

What do you clean tinted windows with?

The window frame can be pre-washed with water with a small addition of glycerin to give the surface exceptional smoothness and increase film adhesion level. Additionally, if you decide to take a thorough approach to installing a new window covering, you can use special window cleaning products. The main thing is that immediately after treatment, wipe the window dry with a lint rag or use a special roller.

Useful tips for window film care

  • Modern types of window films guarantee easy maintenance. However, in the case of working on the entire façade of a building, it is strongly recommended to use special detergents. The most effective cleaning products can be recommended to you by specialized window care and installation specialists. Choose carefully – the toxic components of standard detergents can damage the surface of the window film. When choosing a standard detergent, be sure to pay attention to the drying time – details of the processing time should be indicated on the packaging;
  • To ensure that your window is cleaned as thoroughly as possible or the surface of your window film is maintained, it is highly recommended that you hire a cleaning service. Specialists are equipped with all the necessary means to clean the surface of the window from dust and plaque – window film requires special care, because abrasion over time can visually damage the film, and just a few months after installation it will already have a bald spot;
  • Replacing window film can be quite a time-consuming and expensive process. If you fail to apply the film correctly the first time, you can forget about the transparency of the window. During installation, exceptional attention to the cleanliness and manufacturability of the process is required. Window tint of a new model, followed by correction and removal of sticky remnants of the old film, must be installed as accurately as possible, joint to joint – so do not refuse to consult a specialist in the store or call a specialized gluing service. 2-3 independent attempts at gluing and the glass will be practically unsuitable for performing its functions – you will have to completely replace the window.

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