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How to apply for basic sciences and medical courses in the Caribbean islands

How to apply for basic sciences and medical courses in the Caribbean islands

The medical field is among the most stable and popular sectors around the world. Every country needs qualified physicians to ensure that people stay healthy. After the pandemic, the demand for doctors has increased according to a report shared by the Association of American Medical Colleges, which states that there could be a shortage of 54,100 to 139,000 doctors in the US by 2023.

Going by these figures, this is an excellent time to consider a future in the medical field. Aspiring medical students can look into various medical schools in the Caribbean and check out the basic sciences medical courses that are offered by them.

Admission in the Caribbean 

One of the key factors that has made medical schools a preferred choice for students in the Caribbean is the admission procedure. While they do have certain prerequisites in place that each student is required to meet, the criteria for admission are not solely based on scores. They also consider the sincerity and dedication that an applicant has for the medical field.

Along with this holistic approach, other factors that are considered include MCAT score, volunteer work, graduate performance and more.

The application process at the Caribbean 

Every medical school in the Caribbean have their own admission requirements in place and you need to get in touch with the medical school to understand its precise requisites. Though, one thing that is part of the standard procedure is a good MCAT score so you have to take your MCAT in advance and be prepared before you submit your application.

Here is the general application process that most Caribbean medical schools follow.

Fill out the online application form 

You can begin the application process by filling out the online application form. Put in all the necessary details which will include your personal information along with your educational background. With the form, you also have to submit the application fee. You can submit multiple application forms to different medical schools in the Caribbean as well.

Submit all the necessary documents 

A very essential part of this process is submitting all the required documents. You have to make a list of documents that the medical school needs and get them ready in advance so you can send them along with the application. This includes an official Transcript from the college and school that you attended. Along with this, you have to submit a personal statement as to why you are keen to consider a career in medicine, your accomplishments, and how you will be an asset to the medical school. The recommended limit to this personal statement is 500 words and it can be attached to the online application. Other necessary documents include a resume, letter of recommendation, MCAT and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for non-English speakers.

After you have sent in your application, it will be reviewed and if you are considered suitable then you will be called in for an interview. Given that medical schools in the Caribbean have rolling admission, students can worry less about missing deadlines.

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