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How Does UV Disinfection Compare to Other Disinfectants

How Does UV Disinfection Compare to Other Disinfectants

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated disinfecting surfaces around the home and office to prevent contamination. UV disinfecting light has become a popular modern method for clearing pathogens from surfaces and keeping spaces safe. Disinfecting using UV light products may be more effective compared to traditional disinfection techniques. Here are the top 5 reasons you should choose UV disinfection:

1. UV Light Prevents Bacteria From Replicating

UV light helps disinfect surfaces by breaking down the RNA and DNA of pathogens. This means that the cells of illness-causing bacteria on various surfaces cannot replicate. Germicidal UV-C products inactivate the DNA of all microbe types to make them non-infectious.

Disinfecting your spaces using UV-C light is simple since the disinfectants require a few minutes to clear large rooms. UV disinfection solutions are practical for an office setting since they cover high surfaces. UV lights are ideal for drop ceilings, suspensions, wall mounting, or intricate ceilings.

2. UV Light Is More Effective

Traditional disinfectant products may be less effective in areas with high traffic. Germs can re-enter spaces after disinfection and cause cross-contamination through high-touch surfaces. Damp surfaces provide an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to thrive, so you need UV light to eliminate pathogens.

Unlike traditional disinfectant products, UV-C products are more practical when stopping germ spread in residential and commercial spaces. UV disinfection solutions remove a large percentage of illness-causing pathogens, keeping spaces safe. Aside from maintaining germ-free surfaces, UV lights disinfect the air and water, killing all existing pathogens.

Experts install UV light products in areas of a room where they can access entire surfaces. Certain automated UV products have motion sensors and in-built programming to activate when rooms are not in use. Investing in automated UV disinfecting systems eliminates the need for cleaning crews.

3. UV Light Allows for Autonomous Disinfection

High-touch surfaces like doorknobs or handles and lift buttons increase the risk of germ transfer. You need to constantly disinfect such surfaces to prevent contamination which can be inconvenient. Installing UV light products can help disinfect spaces and surfaces regularly without requiring human intervention.

Autonomous disinfection using UV light happens anytime the space is unoccupied or within a set cycle at some point during the day. This may help rooms and high-touch surfaces remain germ-free and ready for use when needed.

4. UV Light Is Non-toxic and Safe for Humans

Many disinfectant products can be toxic, so they can be dangerous for humans to handle. The toxins are released into the air and may cause breathing problems for anyone entering the room after cleaning. Many disinfectant products are not environmentally friendly. The compounds in some disinfectants can also corrode surfaces, affecting their original appeal.

UV-C light is non-toxic, so it is safe for use in residential or commercial spaces and environmentally friendly. The UV products disinfect through a physical process, so they are safe to use on food-prep surfaces. UV light can also eliminate pathogens in water without making it unsafe.

UV light products often have safety features like motion sensors, allowing the units to operate only in unoccupied spaces. This may help prevent unnecessary, lengthy exposure to UV light when it comes into contact with people.

5. UV Light Products Are Cost-effective

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased need to disinfect and sanitize regularly to keep germs at bay. Cleaning costs may be rising since products are expensive, and labor is hard to find. Spending too much on disinfection solutions may negatively affect your finances.

UV light use is a cost-effective solution since it is a one-time investment. Once experts install the UV disinfection light, you only need to turn it on and off to kill germs. UV products can also operate autonomously, reducing the need for hired labor to disinfect surfaces. Although you may have experiences where you will need to spend some money on maintenance, the products usually come with long-lasting parts which keep the maintenance costs low.

Invest in UV Disinfecting Light

Disease-causing pathogens can contaminate your home and workplace, so disinfecting the space can help keep it safe. Investing in UV disinfecting light offers an effective solution for eliminating pathogens in your space. UV-C disinfection lights are toxin-free and disinfect air and water, offering you a high-quality disinfecting solution.

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