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Guide to Georgia’s Super Speeder Law

Super Speeder Law

Speeding is a common traffic violation that many drivers are guilty of at some point. In Georgia, there’s a law specifically targeting excessive speeding called the “Super Speeder Law.” Introduced in 2010, this law aims to curb dangerous driving behavior and improve road safety by imposing additional fines on drivers caught driving at significantly high speeds. The car accident attorneys in Savannah stress the importance of understanding this law so all Georgia drivers can avoid hefty fines and potential consequences.

What is the Super Speeder Law?

The Super Speeder Law is an additional fine imposed on drivers caught speeding excessively in Georgia. It applies to drivers who are convicted of driving at speeds of 75 mph or more on two-lane roads or at speeds of 85 mph or more on any road or highway throughout the state. This law is separate from the regular speeding ticket fines and can result in significant financial penalties.

Penalties for Super Speeders

If you are classified as a Super Speeder in Georgia, you’ll face more than just the standard speeding ticket fine. In addition to the fines associated with the original speeding violation, you’ll be hit with an additional $200 fee. This fee is imposed by the state and is separate from any fines or fees imposed by the local jurisdiction where you received the ticket. Failure to pay the Super Speeder fine can lead to the suspension of your driver’s license and additional penalties.

Impact on Insurance Rates

Aside from the immediate financial consequences, being labeled as a Super Speeder can also have long-term effects on your car insurance rates. Insurance companies typically consider traffic violations when determining premiums, and being classified as a Super Speeder could result in significantly higher insurance rates. This means that even after paying the fines, you could continue to feel the financial impact of your speeding ticket for years to come.

How to Avoid Super Speeder Penalties

The best way to avoid the penalties associated with Georgia’s Super Speeder Law is, of course, to obey the speed limits. Always pay attention to posted speed limit signs and adjust your speed accordingly, especially when driving on highways or unfamiliar roads. It’s also essential to be mindful of your surroundings and adjust your speed based on factors like weather conditions, traffic congestion, and road construction.

If you’re pulled over for speeding, it’s crucial to cooperate with law enforcement officers and follow their instructions. Arguing or becoming confrontational will not help your case and could potentially make matters worse. Instead, be respectful and polite, provide the necessary documents when requested, and accept the consequences of your actions.

The Super Speeder Law in Georgia is a reminder of the importance of safe and responsible driving. Speeding not only endangers your life and the lives of others on the road but can also result in significant financial consequences. By obeying the speed limits, staying alert behind the wheel, and practicing defensive driving techniques, you can avoid the penalties associated with the Super Speeder Law and help make Georgia’s roads safer for everyone. Remember, it’s always better to arrive safely than to risk the consequences of speeding.

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