Home TECH Employee Monitoring is Made easier with Redlore’s innovative RTLS Technology.

Employee Monitoring is Made easier with Redlore’s innovative RTLS Technology.

Employee Monitoring is Made easier with Redlore's innovative RTLS Technology

Technology has proven to be an industry-changing technology. This cutting-edge technology has not only simplified our processes but has also raised the efficiency of our warehouse to new levels. Learn more about Redlore’s RTLS technology, which has contributed to employee tracker system and improved productivity.

A brief overview of RedLore Company

RedLore is a well-known business at the forefront of technology for tracking that utilizes a location with the latest technologies for indoor areas. With a continuous emphasis on innovation and the latest technology, like ultra-wideband (UWB), RedLore is revolutionizing the way companies manage resources and improving processes. As a recognized expert in the field, RedLore offers a comprehensive selection of products, which includes the most renowned RTLS (Real-Time Locator Systems) solution.

At RedLore, we are extremely pleased to provide an RTLS solution based on UWB technology, revolutionizing warehouse management, employee tracking system and indoor monitoring of places. Utilizing this technology, companies can streamline their processes, increase productivity, and have full control of their assets. Furthermore, the amazing precision, constant updates, and flexibility of scenarios are the main reasons for this RTLS solution being an essential tool in any field.

An Introduction to RTLS Employee Tracking

Employee tracking has advanced significantly due to the advent of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). It is a Redlore RTLS solution that is a leader in redesigning how companies monitor and improve their workforce. In this thorough review, we’ll explore the many elements of Redlore’s RTLS technology to track employees and tracking, as well as dive into real-world examples to understand its application better.

How Redlore’s RTLS Solution Works

Precise Location Accuracy

Redlore’s RTLS solution uses state-of-the-art UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technologies to ensure precise location accuracy within a specific region. With the help of a network of anchors and tags, it continuously monitors the location of employees in real-time.

Tagging Employees

Every employee is provided with tags that are small and lightweight. Batteries power the tags. They emit unique signals detected from anchors strategically placed throughout the facility. The system triangulates a tag’s location according to the duration required for the signal to travel to several anchors.

Data Processing and Visualization

The data collected can be processed in real-time and displayed using a user-friendly interface. Administrators and managers have access to the information on their mobile or computer to track the movement and location of employees.

Use Cases of RTLS Employee Tracking

A Warehouse worker location system for tracking employees is a device that companies employ for various sectors. It is designed specifically to monitor employee movements as well as the exact location of employees who are in charge of the workspace or the warehouse.

The methods used to monitor tracking warehouse employees comprise RFID, radio frequency identification (RFID), the global tracking system (GPS) as well as Wi-Fi. The information gathered will be sent to the server. That is how analysis and report is carried out. Employers use the location tracking system for employees to enhance safety and well-being in the workplace.

Enhancing Workplace Safety

The Redlore RTLS system is a highly effective instrument for improving workplace security. In an emergency, it enables rapid and precise headcounts, ensuring that employees are secure and accountable. Additionally, it triggers automated notifications and alerts when there is an incident or security breach.

●     Optimizing Workflow and Productivity

The system gives valuable insight into employee movements and workflow. When analyzing the data, businesses can make improvements to layouts and workflows as well as the allocation of resources. For instance, in a manufacturing environment, it can spot issues and suggest layout modifications to improve efficiency.

●     Preventing Unauthorized Access

Security is a crucial aspect of tracking employees. RTLS allows access to specific areas, making sure that only authorized employees can be allowed to enter. If unauthorized entry is discovered, security personnel will be immediately alerted.

●     Contact Tracing and Health Monitoring

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, monitoring health and tracing contacts have become essential. RTLS technology can detect potential contacts when employees are positive for an infection and allow quick identification and testing for at-risk people.

●     Streamlining Inventory Management

Beyond employee tracking, the Redlore RTLS system can monitor inventory and assets in an organization. This is especially useful in hospitals and warehouses where inventory management is essential.


The Redlore RTLS solution for tracking employees is not just a technological advancement; it’s an effective tool to increase productivity, safety, and security at the workplace. The precision of the location accuracy and the wide range of applications make this technology an essential asset for today’s businesses. When optimizing workflow and ensuring safety or preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing the workplace, redlore.com RTLS technology is indispensable.

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